What Makes Luxury Watches Different Than Regular Watches?



Luxury watches are more than just tools for telling time; they have become status symbols. But does the similarity between a regular watch and a luxury watch stop at being able to tell time? What exactly does a luxury watch have that a regular watch doesn’t? Here are five major differences:







  1. Complications


While regular watches can display time, date and even time zones, luxury watches have more features and tools, which are called Complications. The more complications there are, the more intricate the mechanism is. Some additional complications can be the ability to have star charts, show different phases of the moon and produce different chimes for different times of the day.







  1. Labor


The amount of labor put into creating the timepiece is also taken into consideration. While regular watches are manufactured in factories by machines, many luxury watches are handcrafted. Famous Swiss watchmakers take years to make rare watches, adding more complications and beautifying each timepiece, making them worth about a hundred times more than regular watches.







  1. Rarity


As we all know, mass produced items come cheap. Luxury watch brands limit the production of their watches so as to maintain a high regard on the item. The rarer the item is, the more value is attached to it. You are paying for its exclusivity. Furthermore, if only a few pieces were produced, luxury brands make sure that each piece is made intricately and delicately, to ensure high quality.







  1. Jewelry


One of the foremost differences between regular watches and luxury watches is the precious stones and precious metal in the timepiece. If a watch is inlaid with diamonds and crafted in gold, it will surely be worth so much more.







  1. Brand


Luxury watch brands have built their reputation for centuries. Being known to produce beautiful and high-quality watches that last for generations is no easy feat. When you hear the names Rolex, Omega and Patek Philippe, you recognize them easily. And you know that they are expensive.



Some people consider buying luxury watches as an investment. After all, such timepieces not only last a few years, but a lifetime.

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