Visiting Kuala Lumpur? Tips on Taking Public Trains in KL

Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur (better known as KL), is fast emerging as one of the major cities in Southeast Asia. Whether you’re coming over for business or leisure, this bustling metropolitan city has plenty to offer. Sky-high buildings and glitzy malls aside, the transportation system here is pretty impressive. If comfort is what you’re after, you can opt for car rentals or hail a cab. Alternatively, you can blend in with the locals by using public transport – take either the bus or the train. If you want to enjoy the sights of KL sans traffic, take the KTM Komuter! We’ll show you how to cruise through KL via KTM Komuter like a boss.

#1 Go Cashless!

Skip the queue at the ticketing counter and pay your fare with Touch ‘n Go card! Just tap your card at the payment terminal, and the system will deduct your credit according to your intended destination. The card can be purchased at the Touch ‘n Go hub in KL Sentral station and selected petrol stations. With over 9,000 reload points nationwide, you can easily reload your card when needed. What’s more, this prepaid card can be utilized for payments at plaza tolls and certain car parks too. How convenient!

#2 Keep Track of Trains

The KTM Komuter route map may be daunting for first-timers. Imagine having to navigate your way through the rush hour crowd – the horror! Avoid hopping into the wrong train by saving a copy of the route map in your mobile devices for easy reference. Worry about missing your train? Download the KL Transit app (available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store), so you can keep track on all KTM train schedules! Simply select your train stations and get notified 15 minutes before the arrival of your train. No more going loco!

#3 Safety First

Taking precautions while you travel is important in preventing untoward incidents. Always obey the stipulated rules. Some trains have female-only coaches, so gentlemen – please ensure you’re in the correct coach. Keep your belongings protected securely to avoid theft, especially in jam-packed coaches. If you’re traveling with friends and family, stay together in a group, so nobody gets separated in the sea of commuters.


The next time you’re visiting KL, consider taking public trains. Why stress over traffic jams when you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view as the train takes you on a smooth ride to the big city.

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