Use PP Foams for Your Arts and Crafts Projects


What are PP foams? Also known as Polypropylene or polypropene, PP foam is a thermoplastic polymer frequently used in packaging and transportation of goods. This is because it’s much cheaper and readily available than most materials. That’s why many people use it to pack things safely, such as electronics and appliances. Many times after usage, the majority of people throw away these package foams. But did you know you can use them to serve other interesting purposes, rather than in the general industrial and commercial applications?

Below are three creative ways you can use PP foam in your arts and crafts projects.







  1.    Cover tips of sharp and pointed materials


Small sheets of packing foam can be used to cover tips of sharp and pointed tools. This is particularly useful when storing such materials inside a drawer or toolkit. It can also protect you while working on your tasks, as such tools can’t hurt or cut you when you’re getting something from the box.








  1. Use as spacers


Many people love to use packing foam for spacers. In your crafting tasks, add small pieces of sheet foam onto the picture frame edges to protect the paint.







  1. Turn objects into colorful crafts


If you’re a “kids” person or love hanging around with kids, pieces of PP foam can be colored and used in art projects to impress children. For example, you can cut a green sheet foam to create characters like snakes. You can mix a variety of bright colors together to craft stunning art of brightly and beautifully colored butterfly characters.


Or you can even create different colorful shape puzzles, which kids can, in turn, add to their arts and crafts canvas board. There are many ways in which kids can have lots of fun with different pieces of sheet foam; you just have to be creative about it.



Many industries like using small sheets of PP foam to pack stuff upon their exit to a designated location. They prefer this material because it’s rather inexpensive and it’s easily available, unlike other materials. Although people often ditch this stuff after use, it still can be used to accomplish other goals. Above are a few creative ways people can use PP foam in their arts and crafts projects.

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