Understanding Modern Marketing – 4 Facts About Consumer Behavior in the Digital World


The many tech advancements that have shaped the world today have prompted countless changes in the way marketing is done. Because of the rise in the use of numerous different tech devices, it has become imperative for businesses to adjust their marketing strategies, in order to reach audiences through gadgets in a way they can appreciate. Understanding the way consumers behave online, and the ways they use their tech, can help marketers develop effective methods that will guarantee optimum conversion. But because consumers can be very complex, understanding them completely can be a challenge. This list contains the basics of consumer behavior and the facts that can help digital marketers mold their marketing tactics:customer-service.0822.12

  1. They Value Customer Service – Because communication is becoming increasingly accessible with the dawn of VoIP technologies, emailing, and instant messaging, consumers have become more assertive when it comes to their right to high quality goods and services. If they find that what they got isn’t what they expected, they will reach out to customer service representatives to fight for their money’s worth. If a business fails to provide polite, approachable, and helpful after sales assistance, 89% of consumers are likely to avoid transacting with them again.mobile-marketing
  2. They Positively Regard Mobile Marketing – Sending emails through a mailing list might seem like an easy way to get information to prospects, but many of those who receive frequent email updates end up thinking that the entity sending them is just spamming their inbox. Consumers prefer mobile messages, including those sent using an enterprise SMS gateway; mainly because they’re shorter, instant, and easier to understand.business-adoption
  3. They Abandon Slow Transactions – Everything these days has been made instant and convenient. So if consumers come to a business to ask questions prior to making a purchase and it takes a while to receive a response, they might abandon the transaction altogether. In fact, 45% of consumers will decide to forgo a purchase if the seller takes too long to respond to their queries.Kiev, Ukraine - August 26, 2013 - A collection of well-known social media brands printed on paper and placed on plastic signs. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Tumblr logos.
  4. They Rely on Social Media – Profitable consumer action these days is powered by the “they’re buying it, too” mentality. When they see others they can relate with patronizing a brand, they’re more likely to try it out for themselves. Much of this information is gathered from brands’ social media pages. If they see that there are very little updates and not enough interaction with previous consumers, they’re less likely to push through with their purchase, no matter how much they might need the product or service.

The success of a business these days relies on its ability to maneuver and leverage different digital marketing opportunities. That is why it is important to develop a digital marketing strategy that really works. And the secret lies in understanding the basic facts on consumer behavior in our digital era.

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