Travelling Tips to Penang (Malaysia)


Penang is an island placed on the northwest coast of Malaysia. It is one of the best tourist destinations, and this article highlights all the reasons why you should book your next trip to Malaysia.


Penang has a fascinating fusion of modern and cultural traditions evidenced by their buildings in the town. They retain their older structures that are worth visiting and learning about their history. People who love history would enjoy this experience.

The island is blessed with many natural attractions including clean beaches and beautiful trees. You can relax on the beaches and have a very grand time with family or friends. The tropical weather allows you to enjoy swimming in the clean seas. However, it can get scorching hot; hence, you need to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.



The Penang hotel is one of the hotels that you can stay in during your visit to the island. You can make reservations through¬†the Penang hotel’s contact number, and they will surely reserve for you a room of your choice. Their staff is very friendly, and they will serve you with the utmost professionalism. The hotel also has facilities that enable you to hold business meetings and work at the hotel. The free internet and several office suites ensure that you are comfortable working while enjoying the beautiful view of Penang island. The best time to book in is during¬†Penang hotel promotion. They have the best rates at reduced prices.



Penang hosts great restaurants which offer you the best of Penang traditional food and also various foods from all over the world. Their menu has so many delicacies that it will be difficult for you to decide which food to eat. However, their chefs prepare the meals the way you like it especially the traditional foods. Besides, you can order the food, make reservations online prior, and find it ready when you arrive at the joint.

Gurney area

Explore the Gurney in Penang where you get all their traditional ornament at affordable prices. You can purchase these items as a souvenir or as a gift for your loved ones back at home. The gurney has a shopping complex that houses numerous shops that you can buy everything you desire from clothes to shoes and even unique jewellery. The night markets is also a good experience as you watch the place flock with tourists who hope to get a good buy at lower prices. You would not want to miss this opportunity.

Nature Parks


Penang is also home to numerous parks that you can stroll and take walks through the park, and this has a very relaxing feel. The parks are also a habitat for animals such as monkeys, which keep you entertained all through your visit. Parks are beautiful places for picnics with the whole family. Penang National Park is said to be the world’s smallest park, which has good terrain walks and a turtle sanctuary. The place is worth a visit.


Lastly, you can manoeuvre your way through Penang Island using public transport or taxis. Most taxi drivers are friendly, and they will offer to tour guide you at a reasonable fee. Therefore, you will not be stranded during your stay at the island.

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