Top 6 Health Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water


Drinking lots of alkaline water every day has many benefits. The benefits acquired are not limited to just keeping us healthy, they also play a significant role in treating a variety of diseases. In fact, many people around Malaysia drink alkaline water for its ultra-hydrating and pH-balancing abilities. It’s far different from tap water because it’s less acidic and has a pH level over 7, which means it has a lower concentration of hydrogen ions.

Below are the top 6 health benefits of drinking alkaline water.


  1. Detox the body. One of the top benefits of drinking alkaline water is its ability to flush out toxins that may otherwise make your body sick. In every detox diet, many experts stress the importance of drinking about 3-4 liters of water a day. Also in many detox programs, people are recommended to purchase an alkaline water filter or machine to ensure water doesn’t have impurities. Thus, drinking alkaline water every day can help minimize the acidity levels and wash away acid waste products from your body.2
  2. Keeps the body hydrated. This is especially important when trying to maintain optimum health. During ionization stage, the alkaline water filter breaks the water into small clusters for the body to be able to absorb fast and more efficiently. This also “super-hydrates” the body and boosts its energy due to its enhanced filtering ability. Only the most essential minerals and vitamins are left behind for consumption.3
  3. Boosts the immune system. Making sure your body is kept in an alkaline state further improves the immune system. This means your body finds it easy to combat any alarming diseases and also heal itself. Drinking alkaline water can dramatically normalize your body’s pH levels, hence make its immune system strong.4
  4. Helps people lose weight. Alkaline water plays a huge role in helping people to further lose weight. Especially today when a lot of diets consist of mostly junk foods, it’s important to ensure you have alkaline water around. Alkaline water dramatically reduces the fat deposits and neutralizes all acids, which are acquired from such foods that may otherwise cause your body to gain weight. Reports also show that people who consume a healthy level of alkaline water daily lose weight faster than those who don’t.5
  5. Helps fight cancer. It’s particularly hard to find cancer cells thriving in an environment which has a neutral pH level. They are found primarily in an acidic environment. This means the alkaline level of the body is pivotal to prevent the growth of malignant cells. Alkaline water is thus useful as it keeps the body’s acid levels in a neutral state all the time. A healthy person has a pH level of 7.0-7.2, which alkaline water can easily manage. Drinking alkaline water can also stop development of other diseases such as diabetes and psoriasis.6
  6. People save more. Purchasing alkaline water is much cheaper than many other products in the market. Instead of frequently buying supplements and visiting your doctor all the time, why don’t you save some extra cash? Simply purchase a one-time alkaline water machine or filter to end your problems. This will also give you a lifetime access to a variety of antioxidants, essential to keep your body healthy and full of life.


The health benefits people acquire from drinking alkaline water are many, no wonder many people around Malaysia are making this leap. If you’re at risk of developing disturbing illnesses or health complications, switching to alkaline water can help you dramatically minimize any levels of getting sick. The most convenient way of consuming alkaline water is to have it ready, right from your filter. Once you purchase an alkaline water filter in Malaysia, treat it with great personal care to protect it from any potential harm and also last longer. All the same, above are some of the major benefits people acquire from drinking alkaline water.

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