Top 5 Tips for Visiting London

London is a wonderful city that demands to be explored. Make your trip memorable by travelling right and exploring the best sites the city has to offer.


1. Walk

London has one of the world’s most comprehensive underground rail systems, and it can shuttle you to all of London’s main sites quickly and efficiently. If you rely too much on the Tube, however, you will inevitably miss out on some of London’s hidden gems. Instead of taking the Tube to all of the city’s highlights, walk when you can, and take in the local pubs, eccentric neighbourhoods and other off the beaten path travel destinations.





2. Brush Up on Your History

Knowing about the history of London is a great way to enrich your travel experience. London began as a diverse trading city, and it has remained so throughout the years. When walking through Notting Hill, for example, it is helpful to know that the area began its life as a similarly ritzy alternative to Kensington. It failed to take off as a haven for the rich, and the area became an enclave for London’s poorer inhabitants. In the mid-twentieth century, it was primarily inhabited by Afro-Carribean immigrants, who were responsible for the creation of Carnival, a huge street celebration. In the twenty first century, Notting Hill has become one of London’s most prestigious addresses.


Oyster Card



3. Travel with an Oyster Card or Travelcard

Riding the Tube isn’t cheap. Instead of buying passes for individual rides, purchase an Oyster card or Travelcard, which allow travellers to pay for multiple rides at once. They also help travellers find the cheapest fare, avoid queues and ride various types of transport.


da Vinci and Renoir



4. Soak Up Some Culture

When visiting London, exploring the area’s culture is an absolute must. The city has some of the best museums and architecture in the world. The British Museum investigates the history of man, from Ancient Egypt to modern times, and The National Gallery houses paintings by masters like da Vinci and Renoir. The National History Museum is noted for its incredible dinosaur collection, and the Tate Modern has an extensive collection of contemporary art.


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5. Stay in Holiday Homes

When looking for the perfect London accommodations for families, stay in a holiday home instead of a hotel. These luxury apartments are often in ideal locations and are more comfortable than hotel rooms. They come in a variety of styles, sizes and price ranges, and are especially useful for large groups going on vacation to London.

With the right accommodations and the perfect travel plan, your trip to London will go off without a hitch.

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