These 4 Reasons Will Convince You To Start Cycling to Work



Like the rest of the world, Malaysia’s central business districts and cities are rapidly becoming congested. The volume of people who drive vehicles in order to get to school or work during rush hour causes traffic jams. Taking the train or riding buses is a good option, but one must get there fast and early.


More and more Malaysians are considering the bike to work option – a practice that is well-accepted in other Asian countries such as China and Taiwan. It is also widely practised in European cities. Here are the top 3 reasons to ride your bike to work.




  1. Eco Friendly


Cars rely on fuel and leave a big carbon footprint because of its emissions. If you’re someone who’s already adept at riding a bike, why sit for hours in slow-moving traffic? You can take a folding bike to work and make your commute to work or school much faster and more pleasant. By riding a bike you are expending your own energy without consuming any fuel. Additionally, bikes don’t have any emissions, so you are doing both nature and yourself a favour.





  1. It Helps You Get Fit


In a generation that relies on gadgets to count how many steps a person has taken during the day, riding a bike to work certainly raises your output. You’ll be getting a total body workout by riding a bike, and will no longer need to join a fitness class or enrol at a gym.





  1. Folding Bikes are Portable


Folding bikes are smaller than mountain bikes and have either 16-inch or 20-inch wheels and are ultra-lightweight. Its convenience lies in the fact that you can fold it up to the size of a brief case, and carry it with you when you take the bus or the train. Most folding bikes weigh from 9.9 kg to 16 kg. This also means that you don’t need parking space or a garage to store it in.





  1. Save Money


Another advantage of riding your bike to work would be savings. You won’t be spending on gas, car maintenance, parking and other fees associated with maintaining a vehicle.



Look up a reputable online shop for bicycles in Malaysia to start choosing which folding bike is best-suited to your needs and preferences. These bikes are of high-quality and very durable so consider it an investment. Malaysia is a bike-friendly country and now is a good time as ever to start enjoying more fresh air and better views on your way to work.

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