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Port Dickson, also called PD by some of the locals, can be driven to by car in just an hour from Kuala Lumpur. A popular beach destination, Port Dickson has a population of just 97,834 people. Originally, they were known for producing coal, but the British later developed it into a small port during the Strait Settlement period. In the Malay language, Port Dickson is known as Tanjung.

During the late 90s, Port Dickson saw a major boom in resort and hotels going up. While many of the hotels were left unfinished, today’s economy in Port Dickson has improved, thanks to the tourist boom. In fact, some of the old tourist projects have been revived as a result. Looking for a beach hot spot? Check out 18 kilometers of sandy beaches that stretch from Tanjung Tuan to Tanjung Gemuk, which has become a wild party location over the holidays. A lot of Singaporeans buy holiday homes here.
The city is highly accessible and can be reached by boat, train and bus. The easiest method of getting here would be to travel here would be by bus via Seremban. While Port Dickson no longer has a working train service, you can take the train in Kuala Lumpur to the Seremban train station. From there you take a taxi or bus to Seremban. There are daily ferries from Port Dickson to Sumatra, Indonesia. The ferries cost around RM80 for one-way or RM150 for return.
What are some of the things to see? Cape Rachado would be a start. In the 16th century, the Portuguese constructed the Cape Rachado Lighthouse to guide ships. Even today, the lighthouse is still in operation, and if you trudge up the narrow stairs, you will have a panoramic bird’s eye picture of the Sumatra coastline. A lot of migratory birds stop here during the start of September to the end of March. For example, honey buzzards, sparrows, eagles and hawks can all be seen from here. If you walk the 63 steps down from the lighthouse, you will be taken to less known beach. The perfect place for a romantic getaway. On the secluded beach, you will see a footprint buried in the rock. Locals say this is the footprint of the legendary 15th century warrior Hang Tuah. The local devotees sometimes pay homage to the location.
Want to check out the real Blue Lagoon? 15 kilometers outside Port Dickson, you have a stunning view of the blue sea, and there is a lagoon that is perfect for wind surfing, boating, water skiing and swimming.

If you happen to be in the town center, there is a very vibrant night market on Saturdays. You have a wide selection of choices, from t-shirts to shoes to vegetables and fresh fish. The Billion Supermarket would be one place to check out while TF is a one level hypermarket. If you are in Port Dickson, be sure to taste the spicy local foods. You can try fish that has been cooked in coconut milk. You can stay at a PD hotel for $22 a night.


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