Just weeks ago announcing a new addition to Petra Group, local Green Rubber tycoon Datuk Vinod Sekhar earlier this month announced that actor and radio personality, Patrick Teoh.

Patrick Teoh will join Art Harun who was brought into the group late last month, but with different portfolio as Teoh’s experience and expertise is in the entertainment world.

Sekhar again took the news to his favourite social site, Facebook to announce Patrick Teoh’s appointment as the new Executive Director of Petra Media and a director of The Sekhar Institute. With Teoh completing the last piece of the puzzle for the media house, Vinod Sekhar teased to his more than two thousand followers about rolling out movies and shows to be debuted by Petra Media.

Teoh brings with him 30 years of experience, in radio, TV, stage and movies to the group which aspires to build a solid foundation and presence in the country. All which will later take on a life of its own and grow at international level. Teoh is known by his fans and the local mass media as the “Voice of Malaysia” to acknowledge his involvement in the ‘Made in Malaysia’ brand, where 99 percent of the advertisements aired over domestic electronic media were voiced by him, earning the nickname.

On the same social media posting, Datuk Vinod Sekhar also gave a little teaser about having incredible plans in the pipeline for the The Sekhar Institute for Social Capitalism and Leadership. Now with Art Harun taking on the role as the Executive Director (Constitutional affairs and public policy) of the institute, this is somewhat a hint that there is a big announcement scheduled to take place down the line.

Adding to anticipation, Datuk Vinod Sekhar’s PetraTara Studios, the production company, behind India-based film “Liar’s Dice”, earlier this year teased the media at the local screening of the movie saying that the studio definitely have major plans in store, and will make the announcement at an appropriate time. He also reaffirmed to the media that they will not be disappointed by the announcement.

Beyond that, Sekhar and the studio’s Executive Director, Datuk Eric Chong; remained tight-lipped on the plans they have for the studio. Liar’s Dice has previously won two National Film Awards in India for Best Actress and Best Cinematography as well as a special jury award at the Sofia International Film Festival.

With these leads and developments taking place, one can only wonder what Datuk Vinod Sekhar is cooking up in his Petra Group “kitchen”. Considering his visionary and pragmatic thinking, the best we can settle for now is to anticipate the very much awaited announcement. Also to expect the unexpected, as experience has taught us that he will always surprise us by doing things out of the ordinary.

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