Overview of Binjai 8, Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is quickly becoming the fastest growing area in Malaysia. As such, many business people are flocking to the area, requiring luxurious accommodations for peace-of-mind and comfort. Found in the coveted KLCC, or Kuala Lumpur City Centre, is Binjai 8. As a gorgeous tower overlooking the city, potential investors can see more at KLCC-living.com/Binjai8. If people are searching for properties within KLCC, they find a plethora of information that will entice them to find a new home amongst this eclectic and bustling community.




Be Part Of The Excitement

Binjai 8 is perfectly located among high-end hotels, allowing residents to network all day and night, especially for companies with constant travelers. Near the residence is plenty of restaurants to sit down and enjoy a drink or meal. No palate goes hungry in KLCC. This area offers several different cuisine types, ready to please all travelers and residents. Take friends and colleagues to the amazing Petronas Twin Towers to see architecture mastery at work. From shopping to landmark ingenuity, the Binjai 8 neighborhood has it all.


Binjai 8 Premium Soho



Binjai 8



Suite Sizes

Whether potential residents are single or have a large family, Binjai 8 has a suite that fits every family perfectly. In fact, this huge tower holds 310 residential suites. Each suite houses between one and four bedrooms. Square footage ranges between 753 and 1,785 square feet, offering a small or large space, based on the resident’s needs.


Binjai 8 Interior



Binjai 8 Floor Plan




The Community Structure

At Binjai 8, there is more than just residential suites to make residents comfortable. With 40 stories of space, Binjai 8 offers amenities that make any residence or hotel green with envy. Use the eight high speed lifts to gain access to any floor quickly and easily. Residents can have a workout in the infinity pool or sky view gym, encompassing two floors, for all residents’ recreational needs. There are even meeting rooms for executives requiring extra space from their normal office area. Binjai 8 has all residents covered with luxurious amenities.



 Binjai 8 is an Exclusive Project by UOA Group


Getting Around

With seven floors of parking, residents can use their cars to access the nearby highways and expressways to move about the region. A walk to the rail station is also possible, allowing residents to get some exercise while protecting their vehicle from wear and tear. Easy access to all transportation forms makes Binjai 8 a perfect residence for on-the-go professionals.


Security Concerns

Security is a top priority at Binjai 8. Take comfort in the 24-hour guardhouse with qualified staff ready to check in visitors. Access cards are required across all floors, helping Binjai 8 maintain a 3-tier security presence. Security cameras and monitoring are a crucial addition too, allowing the staff to monitor hallways and public spaces at all times.

Consider Binjai 8 for a future residence. With like-minded individuals, the community thrives on a modern feel for art and professionalism. In the heart of KLCC, residents feel connected to the community with excitement around every corner. Everyday is an exciting one at Binjai 8.