Interior Design Tips to Select Wooden Flooring Grains

Putting together an altogether elegant and sophisticated decor requires more than a unique sofa L shape and artwork no one can identify without a gallery catalogue. You must above all consider the person or persons who will be living in the domicile, or if a workplace, then the work product and persons creating it must be exemplified in your creation of the designer decor of their studio.

Let Your Design Identify the Owner
Most women automatically imbue their bedroom areas with their personality by use of fabric or color shading preferences, but mistakenly strive to make the living area an example of neutrality for gender, background or even age of inhabitants. The living area above all others should embrace the members in residence, and exude their talents, interests and appreciations of textures, brightness or subtlety of lighting in the living area being designed.

Tips for Flooring Interior Design

teak-wood-dealers-500x500Bamboo and Teak Woods
Flooring manufacturers do not grade and sort various pieces of bamboo or teak flooring for color or feature homogeneity, so you will find variation from plank to plank with them. Some people consider that feature visually interesting, while others dislike the inconsistent look.


walnut-wood-1_galHardwood Woods
As a rule of thumb, you will find the darker woods are the harder in tactile strength. An attractive design of shades of any of the hardwoods such as oak can be selected to visually lighten and enlarge in appearance a room floored with either one solid light grain or a shading of light grains. Darker grains, while making a flooring area visually a bit smaller, will hold a deep gloss finish and provide a more elegant ambiance to the oaken-floored room.


Francis-Apartments-Medallion_Rendering_500Decorative Custom Medallions
Intriguing inlays of wood patterns to form an obelisk or medallion shaped design that is placed into the flooring at intervals will completely transform the area into a custom grained and beautifully designed floor unique to the owner’s tastes and preferences. The medallion shaped inlays can be small, mid-sized or large, and either abstract in design or an actual replica of the owner’s family estate shield to affect an inordinate awareness of the ancestral family bonds. There are areas of the globe wherein the ancestral family line holds extremely high respectability value.


home_04Personal Preferences in Wood Sensations
There is no way to fully identify the reasoning behind a person’s innermost sense of compatibility and fondness for wood grains. Perhaps it is part of man’s most primitive inner being. A businessman visiting in Singapore might select flooring in the exact shade and grain he had purchased in a cherished shoe rack in Malaysia.

Nonetheless, the interior design of our surroundings affects us positively or negatively, according to our senses and their reactions to the surroundings around us. Consulting with experts in interior decorating can present you with an incredible comfort and affinity for the residence designed.


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