ICCP System That Helps SafeGuard Against Corrosion


Rust may be an insignificant matter to you and many folks. People regard it is a natural consequence that affects belongings in the course of time. You see rust develop in the metal strap of your watch, steel frames in the home and even in your car. In truth, tarnishing is inevitable for objects with steel and metal components.


However, in the big industries like construction, manufacturing, and utilities, rust is a nemesis. Steel or metal corrosion is an expensive problem. These industries look for ways and means to nip the problem in the bud. Luckily, an ICCP System is in place to safeguard them against corrosion.







How Rust Impacts On Major Industries


Rust is the spoken term of corrosion. In technical terms, rust is known as iron oxide. It results from an iron reacting with oxygen and water. On a larger scale, you can just imagine the destruction rust can bring to the big industries.

Industrial firms spend huge amounts in maintenance costs as a result of corrosion. Metal structures and everything with metal surfaces need to be regularly shielded to prevent rusting.


Rust can also inflict enormous losses and damage. Corrosion often causes some accidents like explosions, fire, and leakages. Productivity suffers, and workers are endangered. Power blackouts, plant shutdown, and work stoppage are also indirectly the result of corrosion.








The Importance of ICCP System


Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) is a type of system focused on protection against corrosion attack. Electrical power from a DC power supply provides the current to polarize metal surfaces. The protective current distributed helps to preempt or prevent corrosion attack.


It is usually applied in industries engaged in or makes use of machinery, steel pipelines, and storage tanks. Another vital industry where the system is widely used is in shipbuilding. The system monitors the corrosion levels of underwater hulls of ship tankers, cruise liners and vessels operating in extreme conditions.



The ICCP system is advantageous because the protection level it provides is consistent and appropriate. Apart from its automatic operation, it is economical regarding working hours and maintenance costs. Major industries derive tangible benefits from a system that delivers safety and guarantees protection for the long haul.


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