How to Preserve the Grandeur of Your Wooden Furniture

Malaysia is a tropical country that is abundant in trees. Trees that are converted to lumber are a good source of materials for furniture, especially for luxury fixtures. Buying and storing them are quite easy however, maintaining the quality of good lumber furniture is very challenging. Some furniture owners waste perfectly crafted wood furniture simply because they don’t know how to take care of it.

Here are some useful tips that can help you keep your wood furniture in Malaysia in good shape for a long time:


Check for cracks.

66b062002a7aefea5f6f2baee6990a86Humidity is the cause of wood weakness. Some cracks appear where you can easily see it and some appear on places on unexpected places. If you leave good wooden furniture with plenty of cracks, its lifespan could be compromised because moisture could easily penetrate it.



Avoid exposing furniture in open spaces for too long.

If you have placed wooden furniture in an open space, the chances of degrading it are very high. Leaving wooden furniture in direct sunlight and rain will weaken it in the long run. Move the furniture that has direct contact with sunlight. If your furniture is near the window, place a curtain or blinds to regulate the amount of natural light that touches it.


Do not refinish your furniture.

24ae110fdf6f3757e13cf047d41ce0f6This might be a good idea especially if the furniture in question is a little old and having discoloration. Hastily refinishing it might do more damage to it. Perhaps a good cleaning will restore its old magnificence therefore saving you energy, money, and time.





Avoid placing metallic objects directly on the surface of your wooden furniture.

This can lead to scratches that can deface your luxury furniture and lower its value. If you can’t help it, use a cloth or rubber mat underneath the metal furniture or display. If you smoke cigarettes, do not place your ash tray over your furniture because it can be easily stained. Also, avoid sticking candles on your wooden fixtures as wood is a good fuel source for fire.


Have a professional pest control team protect your wooden assets.

20160531081530-pest-control-professional-spraying-inside-homejpgTermites are attracted to wood and they can enter your home undetected. If they remain unchecked, they can eat away your precious luxury wooden furniture. A team of pest control professionals can also tell you which parts of your home are in imminent danger of being taken over by termites and other insects that thrive on wood.



Protecting your wood furniture in Malaysia against natural elements and other instances that could damage or lessen its value is very important. Once you see discoloration and disfigurement in your luxury furniture, do not hesitate to seek professional help immediately. This is to ensure that you could prevent or minimize the damage done by unforeseen circumstances such as accidents.


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