Finding Halal Food Isn’t Easy: Here Are Resources to Help You


According to newly released figures, Muslim population around the world has hit 23.2% that is almost a quarter of the entire world’s population. The figures released further indicate that this population is majorly comprised of younger people. This can be attributed to improved maternal care in Muslim populated countries such as Middle East, Pakistan, Indonesia, India and others. The increase in population has therefore necessitated that food manufacturers put stringent measures that conform to the Islamic law. This led to the adoption of Halal principals in the food manufacturing sector.

Halal food is a term that is used to describe food that is permissible by Islamic Law. It is mostly used in reference to food and drinks that are allowed under Islamic Law as defined by the Holy Koran. The Holy book has laid down instructions that specify what kind of food can be consumed by Islam as well as the methods that are to be used in its preparation. The instructions mostly address meat and meat products and animal tissue.


Halal certification has been a topic of concern considering the increase population, higher disposable incomes as well as increased awareness and demand among the Muslim population. Halal certified foods are also difficult to find considering that majority of the Muslim population live in non-Muslim areas where Halal certified foods are hard to find. The foods from such areas could also be questionable.


Although there is increased awareness about halal certification, there is still a wide gap of knowledge that needs filling. Zilzarlife halal food blog has been at the forefront in ensuring that Muslims all over the world are inspired and equipped with the right knowledge about the foods they consume. Zilzarlife life blog keeps it reader abreast with the latest recipes and methods for making foods and beverages that are permissible under Islamic Law. Apart from being equipped with halal certification knowledge, you get to learn about the Muslim fashion world; travel and Inspiration quote from Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world.


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