Facts on Pharmaceuticals – 5 Reasons Why Data Loggers are Essential in Drug Storage


Thanks to the endless efforts of doctors, researchers, and pharmacists, anyone can walk into a drugstore to buy medicine that will relieve, manage, or even cure certain illnesses and disease. Before those medications can make it to store shelves however, they go through a long list of different processes. Among the most troubling facets of the pharmaceutical process is storage. There’s a lot that can go wrong if drugs are stored inappropriately, but thanks to data loggers, pharmaceutical companies can get the job done much easier. Yes – the advantage of using a data logger for proper pharmaceutical storage has made it an essential tool in the industry, and here are the reasons why:

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  1. Prevent Contamination – Data loggers record and measure numerous factors in the environment. Some can be programmed to detect an increase or decrease in the presence of certain impurities in the air. By having a data logger deployed to pinpoint any unwanted chemicals, toxins, or contaminants in the environment, pharmaceutical storage engineers can put the right practices into action to prevent contamination of the stored pharmaceuticals.2 2. Maintain Drug Quality – Exposure to too much heat, cold, moisture, and other undesirable conditions can compromise the formulation of the stored medications. This in turn can affect its effectiveness when used, limiting the benefits and results that users will get out of it upon consumption or application. By using a data logger, pharmaceutical companies can ensure that the proper temperatures, humidity, ventilation, and other environmental factors are always at the optimal levels to prevent damage to medications.3 3. Pinpoint Defective Batches – When pharmaceuticals are placed in storage, they are taken as batches which can be identified using serial numbers. If upon checking the data logger and finding that certain optimal conditions were not met at specific hours of the day, pharmaceutical workers can simply check their records to pinpoint which serial number was in storage during the time that the data logger detected poor conditions. This way, the defective batch can be identified and removed to prevent distribution to the public. This has proven to be one of the major benefits of data loggers, saving pharmaceutical companies from millions worth of damages that could be caused by ineffective or harmful medications.

Data loggers have become an essential for pharmaceutical companies because of their countless benefits that guarantee the highest quality medications. Thanks to this modern innovation, consumers can enjoy effective and safe pharmaceuticals that help improve, maintain, and optimize health.

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