Climbing the Customer Service Career Ladder – 6 Smart Tips to Help You Get Promoted as a CSR

Customer service is seen as one of the most important aspects of a business, mainly because consumers have become much more aware of their rights as buyers. When they’re unhappy with a product or service, or if they have any questions about what they purchased, they know that the first person to ask would be a customer service representative. The customer service industry has seen a sudden boom these days, especially in Asian countries where western companies often outsource the function. Customer service jobs in Malaysia, for example, are at an all time high because they’re good English speakers and they’re easier on the pocket. While it does generate jobs for many, climbing the customer service industry ladder can be a challenge, because of the sheer number of workers. Wondering what you can do to land you a promotion as a CSR? Find out here.Are you interested and looking for customer service job vacancies in Malaysia

  1. Perfect Attendance – There are lots of you working the same job, so how can you set yourself apart among a group of people who can do exactly the same thing? Perfecting your attendance will help you stand out in a crowd of other CSRs, because it shows your employer how dedicated you are to the job, and the kind of worker you are. No one likes seeing anyone slacking off, and with a perfect attendance, you can show you’re not one to take your job lightly.
  2. Pristine Metrics – Often, customer service representatives are required to meet certain metrics, which basically tell how well you meet the standards that your employer has set. Going beyond the metrics will show that you don’t only understand the kind of service your employer expects you to provide, but also proves that you’re more than capable of getting the job done the right way.
  3. Respect for Guidelines – There are lots of different guidelines that need to be followed for the purpose of consistency and legality, so be sure to familiarize yourself with these, so you can avoid breaching any company policies during your shift. In doing this, you can be sure that every call you take fits the company’s requirements in terms of legality and acceptability.Good customer service is not enough and there are smart tips to help you get promoted as a CSR
  4. High Test Scores – In the customer service industry, HR personnel often provide workers with tests which are required for further learning. Acing these tests will increase your value to your superiors, and will prove that you take your time to prepare, read, and understand what you’re being asked during the examinations.
  5. Proactive and Enthusiastic – When an opportunity for internal hiring pops up, be sure to take your chances and apply for the position. This will show your employer that you’re not simply there for the purpose of your salary, but that you want career growth and professional improvement. By showing that you have the initiative to seek out opportunities, employers will be much more likely to remember your name when a higher position opens up.
  6. Ideal Personality – Do you greet your bosses with a smile when you pass them by in the hallway? How do you take criticism? Do you exude the aura of a happy and positive worker? All of these things make a difference in the way your employer sees you. If they identify you as someone with the right kind of attitude and personality, you increase your chances of getting plucked out for a higher position.A studio shot of a driven businessman ripping open his shirt and exposing a costume underneath

Landing a promotion in a satiated industry can be a hurdle, but there are things you can do to help boost your career. Take the right steps to a promotion in the customer service industry, and jump start your career towards higher ground and greater success.

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