Baby-Proofing Your Home

There is a lot of excitement and anxiety involved when expecting a baby. The parents want everything to be just right for the arrival of that special addition to the family. They will want to make sure everything is prepared for the day of birth, as well as caring for the mom and child after the birth. Some of these preparations will include the home. They range from buying furniture for the baby’s room to painting and decorating it. One area that is sometimes forgotten about during the preparation is baby-proofing the house. After all, you’ll have months before he is crawling or walking, so there’s no rush, right?

The reality is parent’s time for completing projects such as baby-proofing your home and property is going to much more limited after the child’s birth than before. You will have late nights with the baby, adjusting to his schedule. There will be times when he doesn’t feel well and you will be spending all your attention on comforting him. This is why you must prepare the home ahead of time for the baby. Preparing ahead of time means less work after the baby is born.

When preparing to buy a house for sale or even renting a house for rent, do the research. Stairs are a major injury risk for babies. Be sure the stairs have railings and walls surrounding them so you can easily attach a baby gate to keep the baby from accessing the stairs. Check the location of the outlets in the home. If they are low enough for the baby to reach, purchase plastic guards that prevent the baby from placing his fingers or tongue near the outlets, remember that babies love to explore, especially once they are crawling.

Continue preparing the home for the baby. Be sure that all of your doors have locks on them, this will allow parents to store items that present a risk to your baby away from where he can access them. When decorating, avoid using decorations that are free-standing which might topple over if the baby brushes against them. Decorations should be secure and ideally away from the area that the baby will be crawling in the most frequently. New parents might think they will have plenty of time to prepare for this as the baby grows. Preparing ahead of time will reduce the stress involved in baby-proofing, and will improve the safety for that new bundle of joy in the parent’s lives.