Asking the Right Questions – Interviewing Your Real Estate Agent: Part 2

Continued from Asking the Right Questions – Interviewing Your Real Estate Agent: Part 1

Strength and Reference

Just like attending any interview, your agent should be ready to be interviewed with difficult questions. There are many agents in this world, so what are your agent’s strength that makes him different from the others? Perhaps he or she specializes in different markets of real estate – some are apartment or condominium specialists; while others are more well-versed on landed properties such as a bungalow or a house.

You should find an excellent negotiator to help you, and your agent should also be honest and trustworthy. He has to be assertive, and definitely a good communicator. If your agent is able to keep a good sense of humour during the most stressful circumstances, that will be even better. However, keep in mind that your agent also needs to have an analytical mind, and always keep channels of communication open whether by phone or by email.

You have the right to ask for reference too. The agent should make his customers reference available to you so that you may then contact these customers and ask them some simple questions regarding the capabilities of the agent. The questions may be about whether the customers really feel that they got a good deal from the sale or purchase of their property by the aid of the agent, how quickly the agent managed to get the deal done, and whether the agent is a good negotiator who protected their interest throughout the ordeal.

Reviewing Documents

The only other thing which you should ask your agent is whether the agent will allow you to review the documents before signing and committing to any form of contract, even if it is a contract on whether to accept the service of the agent or not. If not, then probably you should look for an agent who does.

You have the right to review the document, and even send the document to your lawyer to check whether there can be any clause that may be unfair to you in any way at all.

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