8 Ways To Pack Fragile Items Safely




Storing or packing your personal items or products requires some care and attention. Not all items can be packed and stored carelessly. Pottery, glassware and other arts and crafts materials or products must be handled with care. Problem is, how do you ship them without breaking?

Here are some tips that will help you pack fragile items:


Young woman packing up boxes in an apartment

  1. Use durable containers


Boxes and Styrofoam crates are the usual choices, but for fragile items dish barrels are said to be more ideal. Due to its stronger and thicker cardboard material, it is best suited for long, rough or bumpy travels.



Young couple moving into a new apartment. More files of this seires on port. Made with professional make up and styling.

  1. Properly seal boxes


If you are using boxes, make sure that they are properly taped and sealed on all sides and bottom. When sealing your boxes make sure that you are using wide packing tape to avoid missing on some openings in the box. You can also make use of PE foam padding to add protection to your fragile items.



Happy young couple unpacking or packing boxes and moving into a new home.

  1. Use fillers for additional protection


Aside from using PE foam paddings around the sides of the box or storage, you can also make use of newsprint or newspaper to wrap items individually. This helps in keeping each item inside the box from scratching and rubbing each other all throughout the travel.



Bubble wrap in grey

  1. Use bubble wrap


For glasswares or pottery items, you can also make use of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap each of the items before placing it inside the box or dish barrel. Make sure that the bubble wrap is taped outside to secure it properly around the item.




  1. Use stretch film


Some people prefer to use stretch film on top of the bubble wrap for extra protection. This stretch film resembles cling wrap but is stronger and fit for industrial use. It locks the bubble wrap in, making the package less prone to damage from being jostled around during shipping.




  1. Choose the right box size


When selecting a box for storing your items, make sure that you are getting the right size. No matter how well you individually wrap each of the fragile items, if your box is too big or too small, your items are still prone to be damaged.



Happy family moving house and carrying boxes

  1. Check the load capacity of your container


After checking on the box size, check the load capacity of the boxes or storage case as well. If you are packing heavy and fragile items, it is important to consider if it can still carry the weight of your items.




  1. Label your boxes properly


After sealing the box, make sure to write or stick a tape with fragile on top or the sides to inform those transporting the items that they have to handle it with care.



Just follow these easy tips for worry-free packing and transporting your fragile items or products.

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These 4 Reasons Will Convince You To Start Cycling to Work



Like the rest of the world, Malaysia’s central business districts and cities are rapidly becoming congested. The volume of people who drive vehicles in order to get to school or work during rush hour causes traffic jams. Taking the train or riding buses is a good option, but one must get there fast and early.


More and more Malaysians are considering the bike to work option – a practice that is well-accepted in other Asian countries such as China and Taiwan. It is also widely practised in European cities. Here are the top 3 reasons to ride your bike to work.




  1. Eco Friendly


Cars rely on fuel and leave a big carbon footprint because of its emissions. If you’re someone who’s already adept at riding a bike, why sit for hours in slow-moving traffic? You can take a folding bike to work and make your commute to work or school much faster and more pleasant. By riding a bike you are expending your own energy without consuming any fuel. Additionally, bikes don’t have any emissions, so you are doing both nature and yourself a favour.





  1. It Helps You Get Fit


In a generation that relies on gadgets to count how many steps a person has taken during the day, riding a bike to work certainly raises your output. You’ll be getting a total body workout by riding a bike, and will no longer need to join a fitness class or enrol at a gym.





  1. Folding Bikes are Portable


Folding bikes are smaller than mountain bikes and have either 16-inch or 20-inch wheels and are ultra-lightweight. Its convenience lies in the fact that you can fold it up to the size of a brief case, and carry it with you when you take the bus or the train. Most folding bikes weigh from 9.9 kg to 16 kg. This also means that you don’t need parking space or a garage to store it in.





  1. Save Money


Another advantage of riding your bike to work would be savings. You won’t be spending on gas, car maintenance, parking and other fees associated with maintaining a vehicle.



Look up a reputable online shop for bicycles in Malaysia to start choosing which folding bike is best-suited to your needs and preferences. These bikes are of high-quality and very durable so consider it an investment. Malaysia is a bike-friendly country and now is a good time as ever to start enjoying more fresh air and better views on your way to work.

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KL Bike Paths in 2016: Where Are We Now?


There is a slowly growing community of cyclists in Kuala Lumpur which has been very active in mapping bike paths all across the city. In 2015, the KL’s first bicycle path was inaugurated. This was a 5.5 km stretch from Dataran Merdeka going to Mid Valley City in Bangsar. Unlike most bicycle paths in other cities around the world, the route is a dedicated bike path, built exclusively for cyclists.



Bike Path Blueprint

The KL city government under mayor Datuk Seri Ahmad Phesal Talib used the information gathered by Cycling Kuala Lumpur to come up with the path. Cycling Kuala Lumpur is an independent all-volunteer group which crowd sourced a cyclist friendly map around KL.

According to a Nielsen internet survey, Malaysia leads the world in owning multiple cars. About 54% of households own two or more vehicles. There have been other initiatives to get people to drive less including car-free mornings every first and third Sunday of the month. However, a sustainable bike movement with government support is still on the drawing boards.



Under Development

There are several other bike paths confirmed under an integrated route blueprint. These include a path from Wangsa Maju to Taman Melati; Wangsa Maju to Teman Batu Muda; KL Sentral to Lake Garden; and Cheras bike route. These planned routes would take a while before they are built. In the meantime, there are parks and nature preserves where people can take their bikes and enjoy long rides.



Growing Interest in Cycling

Bike shops and accessories suppliers have already jumped on the rising popularity of cycling. The Klang valley has seen an increase in bike shops, where cyclists now gravitate to when they need something for their bikes. In case you need a cycling jersey, require bike parts, or get a bicycle pump in Malaysia, you should check out the Klang valley bike shops and see what they have to offer.


Cycling in Malaysia is evolving, and it seems that great developments are in store for the near future. For cycling enthusiasts and environmentalists, this is a good sign. It means that there would be more bike paths to enjoy sometime soon.


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Here’s How To Curb Premature Signs Of Aging

Premature skin aging is a problem many people face. One of the factors that contribute to the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and sagging is exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. In fact, about 90 percent of patients being treated by dermatologists for wrinkles had too much sun exposure.   Don’t fret. There are many ways on how to prevent or curb the appearance of premature signs of aging. These will help you fight skin aging and look younger than your age.


  1. Moisturize Your Skin


One of the problems people face when they age is the lack of moisture of the skin. In fact, when people grow older, the skin’s outer layer called the epidermis loses its ability to hold moisture, leading to the formation of wrinkles. That’s why it is important to provide the skin with nourishment and hydration it needs . You can use moisturizers, lotions and creams available on the market.


  1. Use Sunblock


Since too much exposure to the sun leads to the formation of premature signs of aging, it’s important to provide protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. You can use sunblock creams and lotions whether you’re indoors or outdoors.   Depending on your skin tone, you can use a wide spectrum of sunscreens with SPF.  If you have the lighter skin tone, the SPF requirement should be higher than those with darker skin.


  1. Anti-aging Products


Anti-aging products by Clarins are definitely must-haves today. These products are powered by potent antioxidants that help fight skin aging. Aside from that, most of these products contain hyaluronic acid that helps restore moisture to the skin, making it supple, smooth, and soft.


  1. Hydration


Drinking adequate amounts of water each day is important. When the body is hydrated, so is the skin. It’s important to keep in mind that drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day won’t only help you look younger, it will also make you feel younger.


  1. Exfoliate


You need to exfoliate the skin to remove the hardened dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin. This will help keep the skin young-looking, smooth and soft.


Keeping the skin healthy is not a hard task after all. All you need is to remember these tips and you’ll notice that you’re looking younger by the minute. Also, skin aging is a natural process but you can slow it down through proper skin care, appropriate use of skincare products and lifestyle modification.  Avoiding bad habits such as staying up too late at night, lack of rest, smoking , drinking alcohol and eating unhealthy foods will help you become healthier inside and outside. These habits will surely bring back your skin’s radiance and glow. Apart from that, it will slow down the appearance of premature signs of skin aging.

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Don’t Use These 7 Words in Your Resume If You Want to Get Employed



Resumes are the main instrument for any job seeker, whether you’re a fresh graduate or a seasoned career climber looking for a better position. Resumes give your potential employers a first impression about you, your work ethics and your personality.


Therefore, having a polished resume is of the utmost importance, as it can make or break your career. Whatever job vacancy in Malaysia you are applying for, your resume can be the key to your dream job.


Employers generally prefer resumes that are fresh and original, rather than one that is full of overly used clichés and phrases that have recycled in almost every resume since the dawn of employment. These are some of those words you should try and avoid incorporating into your resume.



Yes, anyone can claim that they’re hardworking. In fact, every other potential rival for the position probably has the word ‘hardworking’ on their resume as well. Though it may be true that you are hardworking, you can always find a more creative and sincere way of describing yourself, for example ” Passionate about delivering assistance and always learning”.


“Problem Solver”

This is probably one of the oldest cliché words in the book and will most probably cause the HR executives or managers roll their eyes as they’ve seen it for the umpteenth time. Rather, describe your work experience in detail to show how you have solved some problems independently in one of your previous positions, for example how you managed to fix a bug on a website at record time, or ensured timely delivery of stock when the delivery van broke down mid-way.


“Results Oriented”

This phrase can take on several forms, most commonly results-driven, results are a priority, etc. Once again the rule here is to show from your previous work experience. If you’re in sales, describe what lengths you went through to achieve monthly targets or how you befriended your client and went the extra mile for him or her.


“Best in Class”

This is especially true for fresh graduates. Yes, you may have been at the top of your class in University, College and school. However, in the real world, your tons of A+ won’t matter much if you have no working experience. It has been proven time and again that employers value experience over grades, and your statement can come across as boastful and arrogant. Therefore, stick to the humble voice and describe your previous experiences that are relevant to the position applied.



For the more experienced job seeker, you may want to emphasize the fact the you are very senior in the field. However, words like veteran, seasoned, experienced and others conjure up an image that you are older than what you really are. So however long you’ve been in a certain field, there’s no need to emphasize it as HR personnel can judge your seniority based on the list of past positions you’ve held.


“Reference available upon request”

This phrase gives an impression that you may not be open about your private life and may even have something to hide. If you pass the preliminary screenings, you will eventually be required to provide references to back up your claims, so you might as well release them in your resume.



Technically, being ambitious isn’t a bad thing, but having this word on your resume gives employers the impression that you’re a power hungry employee out to climb the corporate ladder, and may not stay very long in the company. No one likes losing an employee so soon after the hiring process, as they’ll have to undergo the hassle of hiring again. Also, no one wants a troublemaker in the company that sound like they’ll do anything to get promoted, including backstabbing and creating tension.


Hopefully, this list has helped you in whatever small way to understand that you should always make your resume your own. Let your unique personality and style shine through, rather than copy-pasting what others have written. Remember that employers will be very impressed if they see a creative streak in you that sets you apart from the rest.

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How to Preserve the Grandeur of Your Wooden Furniture

Malaysia is a tropical country that is abundant in trees. Trees that are converted to lumber are a good source of materials for furniture, especially for luxury fixtures. Buying and storing them are quite easy however, maintaining the quality of good lumber furniture is very challenging. Some furniture owners waste perfectly crafted wood furniture simply because they don’t know how to take care of it.

Here are some useful tips that can help you keep your wood furniture in Malaysia in good shape for a long time:


Check for cracks.

66b062002a7aefea5f6f2baee6990a86Humidity is the cause of wood weakness. Some cracks appear where you can easily see it and some appear on places on unexpected places. If you leave good wooden furniture with plenty of cracks, its lifespan could be compromised because moisture could easily penetrate it.



Avoid exposing furniture in open spaces for too long.

If you have placed wooden furniture in an open space, the chances of degrading it are very high. Leaving wooden furniture in direct sunlight and rain will weaken it in the long run. Move the furniture that has direct contact with sunlight. If your furniture is near the window, place a curtain or blinds to regulate the amount of natural light that touches it.


Do not refinish your furniture.

24ae110fdf6f3757e13cf047d41ce0f6This might be a good idea especially if the furniture in question is a little old and having discoloration. Hastily refinishing it might do more damage to it. Perhaps a good cleaning will restore its old magnificence therefore saving you energy, money, and time.





Avoid placing metallic objects directly on the surface of your wooden furniture.

This can lead to scratches that can deface your luxury furniture and lower its value. If you can’t help it, use a cloth or rubber mat underneath the metal furniture or display. If you smoke cigarettes, do not place your ash tray over your furniture because it can be easily stained. Also, avoid sticking candles on your wooden fixtures as wood is a good fuel source for fire.


Have a professional pest control team protect your wooden assets.

20160531081530-pest-control-professional-spraying-inside-homejpgTermites are attracted to wood and they can enter your home undetected. If they remain unchecked, they can eat away your precious luxury wooden furniture. A team of pest control professionals can also tell you which parts of your home are in imminent danger of being taken over by termites and other insects that thrive on wood.



Protecting your wood furniture in Malaysia against natural elements and other instances that could damage or lessen its value is very important. Once you see discoloration and disfigurement in your luxury furniture, do not hesitate to seek professional help immediately. This is to ensure that you could prevent or minimize the damage done by unforeseen circumstances such as accidents.


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How to Treat Cellulite at Home


Everyone is familiar with cellulite. Most of us have seen it, experienced it, tried to hide it, and some have even purchased various skin care products to try to treat it. Yet despite how common this problem is, there is little scientific consensus and what it is exactly that causes cellulite. Its dimpled appearance can, according to Wellness Mama, be explained by imbalances in the body’s connective tissue and fat, but there is no clear answer as to these imbalances are caused by. And despite popular belief, this problem is not exclusive to overweight women, meaning a variety of factors are likely at play here.

But one thing we can all agree on is that cellulite is a major source of insecurity for everybody, including men. If you want to get rid of cellulite but you don’t want to break the bank on pricy cellulite-treatment products — or if you just prefer a more natural, DIY approach — there are plenty of at-home body care options for you to consider!
1. Coffee Scrub 
Massaging and exfoliating with coffee stimulates blood circulation, therefore helping reduce the appearance of cellulite, and the caffeine in the coffee helps tighten the skin. Simply mix coffee grounds with hot water while in the shower and massage into skin for 10 minutes 2-3 times a week. Results should begin to show in about 2-4 weeks.
2. Lemon Juice & Cayenne Pepper 
This is a popular combination of ingredients in many DIY skin care/detox formulas. Drink a mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and water and drink 3 times daily. Many report, according to The Huffington Post, seeing a significant reduction in cellulite after about a month, and feeling an overall positive effect on their healthy overall.
3. Juniper & Olive Oil 
Self-massage, particularly when coupled with certain combinations of key ingredients, has proved effective in treating cellulite. Combine juniper oil with olive oil and massage into the affected and surrounding areas daily, ideally before getting in the shower. Results should become evident in about 4 weeks. In addition to reducing cellulite, this treatment can result in generally softer and firmer skin.
4. Dry Brush & Coconut Oil 
There is a lot of anecdotal evidence supporting the efficacy of this treatment, with some even claiming that it works better than the best cellulite creams available on the market. Rub coconut oil on the affected areas and then use a dry brush to massage the oil into the skin. Perform 1-2 times daily. You should notice results within a month.


These are just some of the many effective and wallet-friendly ways to treat cellulite from the comforts of your own home. And best of all of the treatments have the additional benefit of improving your skin in other ways (such as exfoliating, moisturizing and strengthening). Because what matters most is being able to feel comfortable and healthy in your own body! (But it doesn’t hurt to be able to show off some cellulite-free thighs, either.)


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How to Choose the Perfect Cycling Shoes in Malaysia



Anyone who’s madly in love with cycling will certainly need a good pair of cycling shoes. Whether it is for riding long distances, sporting, or only for a casual ride, you have to have a pair of comfortable shoes to help you pedal even through the roughest roads ahead. When purchasing cycling shoes in Malaysia, there are some considerations you need to think about first before deciding to empty your wallet.


Road Shoes vs MTB Shoes

There are basic differences between these two pairs of cycling shoes. Road shoes have smooth soles and three-bolt cleats while the MTB or mountain bike shoes have rubber soles and two-bolt cleats. The shoes that you buy will greatly determine the type of ride that you are going to have. However, if you are going to ride on mixed road, meaning you are going to ride on both smooth and rough road, the best shoes to use in this situation are the MTB shoes.


Here are some other things that you need to know about cycling shoes before purchasing one:


  • Soles. If you are a beginner or a less experienced rider, the best soles for your feet are those that are made of plastic. This is great because no energy is lost while putting the pedal down. However, as you improve or become experienced, you will need to transition to a stiffer sole. Stiffer soles are generally made of carbon fiber as it absorbs more energy.


  • Build. In order to significantly reduce weight, expensive shoes use complex techniques to connect different parts of the cycling shoes together. Look for shoes that are closely sewn together or have tighter seams in order to ensure prolonged use even in the toughest road conditions in Malaysia.


  • Heat molding. Cycling shoes these days have become increasingly customized using heat molding. The idea behind this is so that you can fit the shoe and the inner sole to your feet in order to perfectly support your arch.


  • Budget. They say that the more expensive it is, the better the performance. However, this isn’t always the case. You can try to find great deals in cycling shops all over the country. If you are going to buy cycling shoes in Malaysia, make sure that you find ones with discounts. It also pays to wait for a clearance sale in order to save money.


Before paying for the cycling shoes, make sure that you try it first to determine if your feet are comfortable inside it. Remember that fit and comfort are more important than weight. If brand names don’t matter to you, try those that you think will provide maximum comfort and flexibility to your feet. One great tip: do your cycling shoes shopping in the afternoon because feet expand a little during day time. Enjoy your shoe shopping!


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Tips to Finding The Best Sabah Cuisine

Your search for a good restaurant in Kota Kinabalu is a good pursuit because you are looking for the best of the Sabah cuisine that you will enjoy. There is so much that you can partake in when you come to the area, and you need to set yourself up for something that will make it a lot more fun for you to make your trip. Food is one of the things that makes all your trips the most fun, and you need to be sure that you have planned ahead to find a place that will be most exciting for you. Every trip you take should be something that makes you happy, and the food will be some of the best memories you will ever have.

Best Sabah Cuisine
The first thing you need to remember is that you can come to a place like this to find good food, bur you still have to pick all the best restaurants where you will have a good time. Someone who wants to find good food needs to have a look at places that are owned by families, but there are also places that are in hotels or on the roadside where you will see the same company own a few of the same restaurant. Everyone’s take on the cuisine is different, and you will need to try all of them if you want to have a good time enjoying the food of the area. Someone who is not trying everything will miss out on something good.

There are people who will want to have certain proteins with their food, and you will find restaurants that offer different proteins based on their location. You will find places with amazing beef, or you might find places with amazing pork or fish. Trying the menus that you think match the best with your tastes, and go around to all the different places that seem like the most fun to you. Someone who is trying to get the best results from their trips will find a lot of that in the local eateries.

Best Sabah Cuisine tips
You need to find places that you will want to come back to, and it will help you to kind of take a tour of the area that will show you all the different places where you might want to go. Someone who wants to have better food will get a good walking tour of the area, and you will meet a lot of nice people a long the way. There is no other way for you to find good food, and you need to be sure to check on all your options before you continue with your trip.

You will find a lot of good food to enjoy when you are on your next trip, and you really need to give some thought to how much time you want to commit to food. It will be a great memory for you, and you need to make sure that you are planned and ready.


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Interior Design Tips to Select Wooden Flooring Grains

Putting together an altogether elegant and sophisticated decor requires more than a unique sofa L shape and artwork no one can identify without a gallery catalogue. You must above all consider the person or persons who will be living in the domicile, or if a workplace, then the work product and persons creating it must be exemplified in your creation of the designer decor of their studio.

Let Your Design Identify the Owner
Most women automatically imbue their bedroom areas with their personality by use of fabric or color shading preferences, but mistakenly strive to make the living area an example of neutrality for gender, background or even age of inhabitants. The living area above all others should embrace the members in residence, and exude their talents, interests and appreciations of textures, brightness or subtlety of lighting in the living area being designed.

Tips for Flooring Interior Design

teak-wood-dealers-500x500Bamboo and Teak Woods
Flooring manufacturers do not grade and sort various pieces of bamboo or teak flooring for color or feature homogeneity, so you will find variation from plank to plank with them. Some people consider that feature visually interesting, while others dislike the inconsistent look.


walnut-wood-1_galHardwood Woods
As a rule of thumb, you will find the darker woods are the harder in tactile strength. An attractive design of shades of any of the hardwoods such as oak can be selected to visually lighten and enlarge in appearance a room floored with either one solid light grain or a shading of light grains. Darker grains, while making a flooring area visually a bit smaller, will hold a deep gloss finish and provide a more elegant ambiance to the oaken-floored room.


Francis-Apartments-Medallion_Rendering_500Decorative Custom Medallions
Intriguing inlays of wood patterns to form an obelisk or medallion shaped design that is placed into the flooring at intervals will completely transform the area into a custom grained and beautifully designed floor unique to the owner’s tastes and preferences. The medallion shaped inlays can be small, mid-sized or large, and either abstract in design or an actual replica of the owner’s family estate shield to affect an inordinate awareness of the ancestral family bonds. There are areas of the globe wherein the ancestral family line holds extremely high respectability value.


home_04Personal Preferences in Wood Sensations
There is no way to fully identify the reasoning behind a person’s innermost sense of compatibility and fondness for wood grains. Perhaps it is part of man’s most primitive inner being. A businessman visiting in Singapore might select flooring in the exact shade and grain he had purchased in a cherished shoe rack in Malaysia.

Nonetheless, the interior design of our surroundings affects us positively or negatively, according to our senses and their reactions to the surroundings around us. Consulting with experts in interior decorating can present you with an incredible comfort and affinity for the residence designed.


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