8 Ways To Pack Fragile Items Safely




Storing or packing your personal items or products requires some care and attention. Not all items can be packed and stored carelessly. Pottery, glassware and other arts and crafts materials or products must be handled with care. Problem is, how do you ship them without breaking?

Here are some tips that will help you pack fragile items:


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  1. Use durable containers


Boxes and Styrofoam crates are the usual choices, but for fragile items dish barrels are said to be more ideal. Due to its stronger and thicker cardboard material, it is best suited for long, rough or bumpy travels.



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  1. Properly seal boxes


If you are using boxes, make sure that they are properly taped and sealed on all sides and bottom. When sealing your boxes make sure that you are using wide packing tape to avoid missing on some openings in the box. You can also make use of PE foam padding to add protection to your fragile items.



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  1. Use fillers for additional protection


Aside from using PE foam paddings around the sides of the box or storage, you can also make use of newsprint or newspaper to wrap items individually. This helps in keeping each item inside the box from scratching and rubbing each other all throughout the travel.



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  1. Use bubble wrap


For glasswares or pottery items, you can also make use of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap each of the items before placing it inside the box or dish barrel. Make sure that the bubble wrap is taped outside to secure it properly around the item.




  1. Use stretch film


Some people prefer to use stretch film on top of the bubble wrap for extra protection. This stretch film resembles cling wrap but is stronger and fit for industrial use. It locks the bubble wrap in, making the package less prone to damage from being jostled around during shipping.




  1. Choose the right box size


When selecting a box for storing your items, make sure that you are getting the right size. No matter how well you individually wrap each of the fragile items, if your box is too big or too small, your items are still prone to be damaged.



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  1. Check the load capacity of your container


After checking on the box size, check the load capacity of the boxes or storage case as well. If you are packing heavy and fragile items, it is important to consider if it can still carry the weight of your items.




  1. Label your boxes properly


After sealing the box, make sure to write or stick a tape with fragile on top or the sides to inform those transporting the items that they have to handle it with care.



Just follow these easy tips for worry-free packing and transporting your fragile items or products.

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