5 Important Questions to Consider In Choosing the Right School For Your Child

Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision for your family. If you’ve already got your heart set on sending your child to a private school, you still have one decision left to make: which of the many great elite private schools in Malaysia should you send your child to?

There are several factors to consider in choosing a school, including cost and quality. However, that is not all you need to take into account. If you are choosing between several schools, and cost and education quality is not an issue to you, then here are a few more questions you need to ask to help you make your decision.

  1. What does your child need in a school?

If your child has special needs, then it might be a good idea to send him or her to a special school. If your child is a very visual learner, then you might consider sending him or her to a school that teaches with many visual aids, or one that has many opportunities for practical application.

What your child needs in a school should be taken into serious consideration even if you simply want your child to be exposed to students from more culturally diverse backgrounds, or if you want him to learn a second, third, or even fourth language.

  1. Where is the school located?

If your family lives too far from the school, then you would also have to consider how far you would be willing to drive your child or have him or her taking the bus to school. Your child might also prefer to go to a school where their friends are. Or you might prefer to send your child to a school close to your work or the after-school care.

  1. How does the school handle character development?

As your child would be spending a good deal of his or her time away from you, it would be wise to consider how and what the school teaches him or her about morality and good citizenship. It would also be prudent to learn how the school disciplines misbehaving students, and how often (or in what instances) are parents and guardians called about their children.

  1. What is school security like?

Is there a security guard stationed at the school? Are students allowed to leave the school premises on their own? If not, what is the school’s policy on parents or guardians fetching children? What other measures does the school take to ensure safety? If upon visiting the school’s premises, you were not satisfied by the security, then that school is probably not for your child.

  1. Are there special classes or clubs your child can join?

Extra-curricular activities are given a premium in today’s highly competitive society. Participating in clubs (and doing well in them) can only increase your child’s chances of succeeding later on.

If you haven’t decided on one school after going through these questions, that’s okay! Sometimes, it is better to have more than one choice. In this case, you can apply for all of your remaining choices and give your child more options for schools as well!

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