At a glance, Kuala Lumpur looks like an expensive city. The heart of Malaysia has so much to offer, from flora and fauna to towering structures and heritage architecture. If you are a tourist, you might be wondering how much it would take to truly enjoy KL. In reality, Kuala Lumpur is so diverse it can cater to any tourist. Whether you have tons or too little money to
spend, there are ways to enjoy it without worrying you’ll go home without anything in your pocket. When you are traveling on a limited budget, here are a few suggestions to get the most out of your Kuala Lumpur escapade:

  1. Go to the Kuala Lumpur City Center Park (KLCC Park). As the capital city of Malaysia, it is needless to say that Kuala Lumpur is one busy city. This is where most office buildings are located so you should expect a crowd and the hustle and bustle. But there’s the KLCC Park, just when you need to relax your mind.
    2. Learn about contemporary art at the PETRONAS Art Gallery. Located at the Kuala Lumpur City Center, this gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday. When you are fond of criticizing artworks, this place is a must-see attraction for you.
    3. Shop for Malaysian handicrafts at the KL Central Market.If you are thinking of bringing home handicrafts to give as souvenirs, there is no better place to buy them than here. You will find a lot of stalls in here, so you definitely have so many options.
    4. Enjoy the best dim sum at Petaling Street. Make your belly happy by munching on Hokkien mee, dim sum, and Chee Cheong fun. You could find countless stalls here selling affordable Chinese dishes.
    5. Go on a street food extravaganza at the Taman Connaught Night Market. Almost every kind of cuisine is here. From Japanese to Taiwanese, and of course to locals dishes, you can guarantee you will taste it here. This place is a must-visit not just for foodies but also for shopaholics who want to experience shopping at KL’s night market.
    6. Party at the Sky Bar or Zeta Bar. Who says partying at the club is just a rich kid’s thing? When you are the type who party-all-night, you will surely be delighted that these bars offer free drinks on certain days of the week.
    7. Watch a movie at a rooftop. There is a unique way to screen a movie here in KL. Frisky Rooftop Bar’s ‘Movies under the Stars lets you enjoy a variety of Hollywood films in different genres.
    8. Visit popular districts riding the Go KL City Bus. When you are worrying you might pay a lot for taxis, there are cheap public transportations all over the city. You can also take advantage of the Go KL City Bus that offers free rides.
    9. Visit temples such as Thean Hou Temple and the Sin Sze Si Ya Temple. These are two of the temples that are available for public visiting. Just remember to dress accordingly when dropping by these sacred places.
    10. Take advantage of cheap meals at food courts. When you are hungry after a day of exploring KL, there are food courts inside malls that offer inexpensive meals.

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