10 Commandments of a Raw Vegan



Veganism is a lifestyle that excludes the use of animal products and by-products for food, clothing and other purposes. Vegans reject animal exploitation and cruelty, espousing the belief that animals should not be treated as commodities. The vegan diet was first defined in 1944, and interest in this lifestyle has increased tremendously. (https://www.vegansociety.com/try-vegan/definition-veganism)


1. Thou shall not kill, exploit or harm animals unnecessarily.

This is the basic precept of veganism: avoidance of any harm to sentient beings whenever possible and practicable, including in the choice of food, clothing and other purposes in the home and at work. In the pursuit of nutritious food, strict vegans may avoid dairy products. Avoiding the use of animal by-products such as leather, goose down and pelt may be part of the lifestyle choices of vegans.

2. Thou shall think before you act.

It is easy to get carried away by the philosophy of strict veganism. However, there are many ways to practice veganism. If adhering to stringent rules leads to unhappiness, dissatisfaction and possibly eschewing the lifestyle altogether, consider tweaking the practices, making sure that the products used are sourced and processed in ethical ways.

3. Thou shall not renounce vitamins and supplements.

Aside from advocating for animals, the vegan lifestyle is also focused on promoting health and general well-being. Pay attention to plant sources for iron and vitamin B12 that are typically available from meat and meat products. These sources include spinach, miso and fermented foods. When considering supplementation, scan the ingredient list to make sure that it is vegan friendly. (http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/in-depth/vegetarian-diet/art-20046446?pg=2)

4. Thou shall not favor one food group to the exclusion of other essential food groups.

Diversity in the intake of nutritious food for vegans is based on variety, and taking advantage of this rich array of choices enhances satisfaction with the lifestyle. For instance, a diet based largely on vegan chocolate to the exclusion of everything else cannot be considered healthy even if it conforms with vegan guidelines.

5. Thou shall not take the easy path to vegan choices.

With the popularity of the vegan lifestyle, grocery chains have made it easy to find vegan products. However, something labeled vegan may not be the best choice, depending on how the product was sourced and handled. Industrial processing can strip away nutrients, so whenever possible, shop local and opt for regional suppliers to ensure that produce is as fresh as possible.

6. Thou shall not shun fat.

Cold-pressed, high quality oil should be part of the diet. The body needs fat to process fat-soluble vitamins and minerals especially those that are available from raw food. Plant sources for fat include tofu, full-fat soymilk, avocado, nuts and all plant-derived oils. (http://www.ext.colostate.edu/pubs/foodnut/09324.html)

7. Thou shall not take the Earth in vain.

Vegans are concerned about the ethical aspects of living as well as the environmental impact of their lifestyle choices. For this reason, vegans are self-aware when it comes to sustainable practices. The Earth’s resources are finite, and conserving these resources for future generations is one of the causes backed by vegans. Environmental activism begins at home through recycling, upcycling and efficient use of resources.

8. Thou shall not sow discord among carnivores and omnivores.

Differences in lifestyle and dietary choices should not be a reason for discord. Let the carnivores and the omnivores enjoy their own smorgasbord.

9. Thou shall show tolerance for everyone.

It takes different types to make the world and different ideas to keep it going. Pursue your bliss without causing grief or harm to anyone. Listen to what others have to say even if their practices and beliefs are radically different.

10. Thou shall share whenever the opportunity arises.

The most efficient way to let others know of the benefits of the vegan lifestyle is to share it with them. Open your kitchen and share a vegan spread with family and friends. Enlighten them on the advantages of the raw food diet by sharing nutritious food based on vegan recipes.

Veganism is a celebration of life. Embrace it, and share the joy with those around you.



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When Boarding School is the Right Option

As a parent, you have a multitude of options when it comes to where to send your children for school. Some of you will choose religious institutions that help to support the sense of morality you’re teaching at home. Others will select local public schools with amazing reputations, and still others will wonder if an international school in Penang is right for their families. Perhaps you are also considering boarding school, but aren’t sure if such a program is the right fit for your child.

Children’s Maturity Level

When you send your children to boarding school, they are going to live more on their own than they would in your home. Therefore, you need to consider the maturity level of the individual child. Let’s say that your youngsters struggle to spend more than just a few minutes away from you, or maybe they really have trouble completing their chores. Going to boarding school can help them to internally resolve some of these issues, but you don’t necessarily want to push them in right away. Giving them time to learn a bit more maturity before they go is a wise decision.
boarding schools in Asia

Time for Visits


Having a large role in your children’s upbringing is important, and you want to find a balance. Selecting a boarding school can work well if you maintain the appropriate amount of contact with your children. Some parents send their children off to school and have very little contact with them at all during the school year. This approach can lead to strained relationships with your children as they may feel that you are entirely absent in their lives. On the other hand, you don’t want to constant call them and visit them because then you are not providing them with the ability to flourish on their own.

Lack of Good Schools

Perhaps you live in an area where the schools are ridden with crime, or maybe none of the schools in your neighborhood follow a curriculum that is suitable to the needs of your children. A lack of good schools is a reason why some people choose boarding schools. Your ultimate plan may include moving to an area that has a reputation for good schools. However, until you do, you may want your children to obtain a strong education at a boarding school.

Problem Situations

For whatever reason, your children may be growing up in an environment that is not conducive to a healthy learning experience, and you feel that boarding school will provide them with the space that they need to thrive. On the other hand, your children may have struggles that would benefit from staying at a boarding school. For example, some young people experience emotional turmoil, depression, trouble with addictions, the side effects of bullying and so forth. You may want to look into boarding schools especially designed for these individuals.

The decision to send your children to boarding school is not a light one, and it is a choice you should thoroughly research.

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Meet Your Meat: An Introduction to Halal

What is Halal Meat?

The term “halal” actually means “permissible” in Arabic, so halal food means food considered permissible — in this case, according to Islamic law as it is defined in the Koran (Quran). Halal food in Malaysia is abundant, making it a tourist attraction for Muslims around the world and a hotbed for Muslim tours.

The opposite of halal would be haram, or “forbidden.” Forbidden foods can include anything that has:

•forbidden animal meat, such as birds of prey, carnivorous animals or pigs

Under Islamic law, it is permissible to consume otherwise haram items provided it is due to survival and not disobedience.

What is halal certification?

This halal certification indicates that the food was tested and approved by systems that guarantee it does not contain any forbidden ingredients or components. A certifying body will issue this certificate for a company for a fee.

What is halal slaughter?

In order for a product to be certified halal, the animal must be facing Mecca. While it is still alive, its throat will be cut and a Muslim will recite a prayer to Allah, sacrificing the animal slaughter as dedication. Other means of slaughter usually aren’t permissible as the heart must pump away the forbidden blood.


How different is halal from kosher meat?

For starters, halal and kosher meats follow different compliance laws; the former follows the Koran, whereas the latter complies with kashrut, or Jewish dietary law.

While the methods of slaughter are similar in that specially trained individuals use a very sharp knife for the same purpose, Jewish law specifically prohibits stunning. Not only this, but kashrut does not demand a special prayer or sacrifice as with halal.

However, it does forbid parts of the carcass from being consumed, such as certain fats as well as the sciatic nerve. Halal, on the other hand, forbids parts like the bladder and the carcass.

What is the law on labeling?

Currently, it is not required for halal to be marked specifically as such. However, when you visit a halal hub in Malaysia, you can ensure you’re getting only halal-certified meals.

Examples of Halal Meals in Malaysia

As previously stated, halal means permissible according to Islamic law. As such, Muslims need to follow a halal diet by not consuming haram foods, including:


•Pig-based products like pork or gelatine
•Animals slaughtered in sacrifice to anyone except God
•Any intoxicant, such as alcohol
•Any carnivorous animal, except for the majority of sea and fish animals
•Amphibians, such as frogs


It is common to consider generally any fish as halal, although most will avoid certain types like shellfish and similar types. Although it is not required to label halal products, you’ll be pleased to note that many reputable companies do nonetheless.


The following meals are examples of some of the many halal dishes you can find while visiting Malaysia. They are suitably balanced for a typical Muslim adult who wishes to maintain his or her weight without doing exercise. This is just an example, of course; there are many more varieties of dishes in halal hubs in Malaysia.


•Chicken breast
•Basmati rice
•Granary bread with chicken or turkey
•Oatcakes and low-fat cheese
•High fiber cereal
•Crispbread with cottage cheese or another type of cheese
•Yogurt with fruit and a large serving of potatoes

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Why Are Luxury Watches Expensive?

Virtually everyone can appreciate the class and elegance of a Tag Heuer or a Rolex with their high quality craftsmanship and stylish face. There’s no doubt they’re incredible and the envy of those who can’t afford one. But, are they actually worth the price?

For the cost of some of these extravagant watches, you could literally take a trip around Europe on the vacation of a lifetime. Depending on the exact style and model, you could rent a mansion in the countryside and live very comfortably for several months. The question is, why do people keep buying them? Why do they rank so high on their wish list? Is it really worth the money to buy something that just tells time? In Malaysia, high-end watches are becoming more and more popular. In fact, people want to see more luxury watches in Malaysia so they can choose from a plethora of styles.


The Science Behind Luxury Watches
Like high-powered cars, luxury watches are engineered to be the best. They’re the perfect combination of efficiency, science, refinement, and beauty. Research and testing materials go into finding the ideal combinations of weight, longevity, accuracy, and strength, which is why they don’t come cheap by any means.

No matter how concerned you may be about the price of a Rolex or a Tag Heuer, there’s no denying they both tell time with supreme elegance and sophistication. They’re literally works of art that incorporate technical innovation, architecture, and artistry along with an utterly attractive design all rolled into one. In other words, don’t expect any 007 Bond girls to swarm around you while you’re wearing a basic calculator watch, but expect a little attention if you’re sporting a Tag Heuer.


Who Designs Luxury Watches?
The gifted individuals who actually design and develop high-end luxury watches are scientists, engineers, and people who take art as seriously as particle physics. In fact, a master watch maker isn’t called a watch maker at all. Instead, they’re referred to as horologists, a special breed who strives to perfect their craft and dedicate themselves to the art of watch making itself. The word ‘perfection’ is a key term that differentiates average mundane objects from their outstanding counterparts. Sure, you can tell time just as easy on a dime store calculator watch as you can a pricey luxury watch. But, that’s the only thing they have in common. In terms of quality, craftsmanship, and style, they’re worlds apart.


Philosophy of High-End Watches
There is something very exciting about searching for the ideal time piece. Just like the amazing cities of the dead found in Ancient Egypt that had more worth in terms of earthly materials than the average person could ever hope to attain during their lifetime, the science of horology is the exquisite art of trapping time to create something that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Like the famous composer Mozart, who deeply and fully understood the science of music, horologists put their talents to work in creating the finest time pieces in the world, handcrafted, and to perfection. Every spring, minute gear, and cog, all made to perfectly coordinate with one another in supreme harmony to result in a very expensive luxury watch.

In the end, there’s a good reason why luxury watches are referred to as ‘pieces’. They’re considered art. And, like all precious art, their true value lies in how much an individual is willing to pay for them. Luxury watches are extraordinary and magnificent in their own right as well as strong indicators of wealth and status symbols. They’re way more than just about telling the time. In fact, they’re like wearing immortality on the wrist. Therefore, if a Tag Heuer price or Rolex price is within your financial means, consider buying one a worthwhile investment.

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5 Advantages to a Career in Law Studies

The study of law is an exciting opportunity to establish a meaningful career. A solicitor can work in the field of law generally or specialize in a specific area, such as family law or international law. There are many advantages to studying law, including the following.


Support the legal system.

The study of law offers the chance to join the legal field and maintain legal jurisprudence in your area. Being part of the legal system instills pride in the position in representing people’s rights in a variety of issues.

Extend legal protection to those in need.

Everyone in society deserve legal justice. Studying law lets you stand up for those whose rights are in jeopardy or have been violated. In some cases, victims without other recourse will look to you for help as their only hope.

Enjoy professional status.

Becoming a solicitor raises your career to professional standards. People in general respect the law. They recognize the achievements of a person who has studied law and earned the right to represent them in the system. A decent wage and corresponding benefits often come with this type of position.

Provide public service.

In addition to serving the general population, a solicitor may work on behalf of agencies, organizations, or corporations. Large entities like these often affect the lives of thousands of people through business transactions or employment. Holding them to safe operations and maintaining their right to function in society are two types of public service that can be provided from a legal standpoint.

Understand and appreciate society’s legal framework.

On a personal level, studying law comes with a better understanding of and appreciation for the legal system. Knowing how law has evolved over time to become the framework it is today is helpful knowledge for everyday decisions that each of us make in our individual lives.

For more information about law studies, visit www.bac.edu.my and see how a legal career can impact your life.

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5 Wonderful and Effective South Korean Haircare Products

Beauty is a major market in the northeastern Asian nation of South Korea. Skincare products sell like hotcakes there. Although skin is a big focus in South Korea, that doesn’t mean that they don’t focus on other beauty products too, however. If you’re looking to purchase high-quality haircare, for example, you’ll have a great time exploring your many South Korean options.

Kafen Shampoo from Taiwan

Kafen Shampoo from Taiwan can be great for repairing locks that are overly damaged and dry. The brand’s Snail Restore Shampoo can do wonders for strengthening hair and making it stronger and glossier. Although Kafen is a Taiwanese brand, its products often use ingredients that are extremely popular in South Korea, specifically snail.

1. South Korean brand ‘The Face Shop’ has an amazing product called ‘Jewel Therapy.’ This deep care hair mask aims to make lifeless, dry and drab hair shiny, luminous and smooth. The mask contains camellia seed extract and minerals that can nurture tired and damaged hair in merely five minutes.

2. Missha is yet another popular South Korean beauty company. Missha’s “Procure Daily Repairing Hair Lotion’ improves the condition of the hair by nourishing it with ample nutrients. It’s suitable for all different kinds of hair. If your locks are damaged due to excessive hair drying, sun exposure, perms or coloring jobs, this hair lotion can help turn the situation around. If you dream of hydrated and soft hair, you’ll adore this product. The best part is that it doesn’t have a gooey or sticky texture.

3. Etude House is a well-known South Korean brand that’s geared toward a younger audience. The brand’s ‘Silk Scarf Hair Treatment’ includes an oil complex that’s excellent for strengthening hair that’s weak and brittle. This treatment is also great for stopping hair damage before it even gets the opportunity to happen. People who want silky-smooth locks are certain to adore this Etude House product. The treatment is intended for use one or two times per week.

4. Skinfood is a beloved South Korean beauty brand that’s renowned for its effective, food-influenced skincare products. The brand’s ‘Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence’ is great for helping hair that’s tired, weak and damaged. It contains argan oil that’s good not only at hydrating the hair but also at nourishing it deeply and thoroughly.

5. The Face Shop’s ‘Jewel Therapy’ Cherry Blossom Rinse is a conditioner that boasts a soft and pleasant fragrance. It contains moisturising cherry blossom and argan oil. People who want shiny, radiant, soft and properly hydrated locks are sure to love this popular South Korean rinse. This product is also great for people who suffer from split ends.

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What You Need to Know Before Buying an Air Purifiers or Filters


Through Cleaning 

A HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter can be a great addition to your vacuum cleaner. If you want to clean the flooring in your residence to sparkling perfection, investing in a simple HEPA filter can take things to the next level. These kinds of filters make vacuum cleaners more effective at retrieving the many tiny particles that are lurking in the environment of your home. While vacuums without these filters push these particles out into the air, HEPA filters help trap them, which is a definite bonus for people who are looking to achieve clean and healthy indoor environments.

Goodbye to Air Pollution 

These filters work well for doing away with air pollution in indoor environments. If you want to ensure the well-being, health and happiness of all of the people in your household, it’s probably time to take getting one of these filters seriously. These mechanical air filters work well for confining hazardous particles such as dust mites, pet dander, tobacco smoke and pollen. Since these things are common allergens that frequently trigger allergic symptoms in people, doing away with them is a smart idea. If you’re tired of sneezing every time you walk into a certain room of your home, it may be a sign that a filter of this type is necessary.

Purchasing an Air Purifier 

Purchasing an air purifier can often take care of these filter needs. The majority of air purifiers that are available on the market are already equipped with HEPA filters, after all. Air purifiers essentially are compact units that are capable of purifying the air in the room.

Other Ways to Ensure Clean and Healthy Air in Your Home 

If you want to guarantee a pleasant and healthy living environment for yourself and for the rest of the people close to you, getting a filter isn’t the only way in which to do so. You can maintain a clean living environment by regularly vacuuming the floors. You can also keep things clean by getting rid of carpeting throughout your home and instead using vinyl, tile or wood floors. Carpets can soak up pesky allergens that can exacerbate allergic symptoms in people. Other easy and effective techniques for keeping a clean living space that doesn’t have many allergens include routinely changing bedding, using hot water to wash bedding and placing plastic covers on top of pillows and mattresses. As much as people adore pets, they’re big allergy triggers, too. This is because of the dander they release into the environment. If you want to keep the air in your home relatively free of allergens, your best option is to limit the rooms your pet can enter. If you suffer from allergies every night, then you may want to think about keeping your pet out of your bedroom, for example. Regularly brushing his fur can also help eliminate allergens in the air.

Be Diligent 

If you’re diligent and meticulous about keeping a clean home setting, you’ll notice the results when you realise you feel so much better than before — and perhaps even more allergy-free.


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Family-Friendly Destinations in Malaysia That Has Something for Everyone

Malaysia is an exciting destination that has many family friendly attractions. If you are planning a trip to this fascinating Southeast Asian country, you can expect to enjoy a diversity of natural beauty, historic and cultural attractions, unique and delicious cuisine and lots more. The following are some suggestions for things to do with your family when visiting Malaysia.


Kuala Lumpur

If you are going to be traveling to Malaysia, you will almost certainly be spending time in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. There is a good chance that you will be flying into Kuala Lumpur International Airport. This city has an interesting mixture of modern and traditional elements. Some of the family friendly attractions you should not miss include:


  • Petronas Twin Towers -These skyscrapers provide great views of the city as well as a variety of shops and restaurants. The towers are a highlight of Kuala Lumpur’s skyline, especially at night.
  • Kuala Lumpur City Gallery -This gallery provides an educational experience to visitors, displaying the diversity of Malaysia’s culture, history and arts.
  • Royal Selangor Visitor Centre -This is a place where you can see the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into the making of pewter products, for which Malaysia is famous. Royal Selangor is the world’s most renowned maker of pewter products, and the visitor centre gives you an inside look at how these crafts are made.

Port Dickson

While it can be fun to explore the urban attractions of Kuala Lumpur, you will also want to spend some time on the beach while you’re in Malaysia. Port Dickson is a scenic beach destination not far from Kuala Lumpur. This resort community provides a nice contrast to the fast-paced city. There are many excellent resorts and hotels in Port Dickson – see recommended Grand Lexis Hostel Port Dickson, many right by the beach. In addition to enjoying the beautiful sand and water, there are also several interesting places to visit with your family in Port Dickson, such as the Wan Loong Chinese Temple and the Alive 3D Art Gallery.


The island of Borneo, which Malaysia shares with Indonesia, is a great place to visit if you want to experience the diversity of natural beauty found in this part of the world.

  • Baku National Park -This national park has many scenic features and landscapes, including beaches, waterfalls and hiking trail. In addition to seeing the park on foot, boat trips are available. This is one of the best places in the world to see exotic animals such as monitor lizards, proboscis monkeys and long-tailed macaques. You can take a self-guided trek through the park or take a guided tour, depending on how adventurous you are.
  • Mulu Caves -The Mulu Caves are a uniquely beautiful place to visit in the Mulu World Heritage Area on Borneo. Caving is an adventurous sport that can be enjoyed by physically fit people of all ages. You will find a variety of tours, both day and night, of the mysterious caves found in this region.


  • See Wild Orangutans -Orangutans, an endangered species, can still be found on Borneo. There are several sanctuaries where you can see these amazing primates in their natural environment. This is a wonderful educational experience for the whole family.

Malaysia is one of your best choices for a family-friendly getaway. The unspoiled natural beauty of Borneo, the pristine beaches of Port Dickson and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Kuala Lumpur are just a few of the reasons to visit this amazing nation.

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Why Use the Internet For Your Business Operations

Whether you’re a small brick-and-mortar business or a tech start-up, having the right internet service provider offers the competitive edge to succeed. Sadly, not all entrepreneurs capitalize on ISPs as they perceive the service to be an unnecessary cost. But in today’s consumer market, a large portion of sales are transacted via the web. In order to get a piece of the action, you will have to establish a brand online.


Benefits of Getting an ISP 

Having an ISP like Streamyx builds brand exposure with minimal effort. In the past, businesses invested heavily and solely on physical marketing strategies including knocking door to door, distributing fliers, and buying billboard space. These techniques were indeed effective but were also costly in terms of manpower, capital, and time consumed.

Having high speed internet for your business allows your workforce to implement web-based advertising through participation in social media, online forums and board discussions, and even setting up a website for your own business.

Another benefit of getting an ISP for your business is for research and development. You can use the data sourced online to find and analyze competitors, create and adjust strategies, find investors and distributors, and so forth. You simply cannot gather that amount of data efficiently via traditional techniques.

Having internet connectivity can also increase sales for the business. Instead of limiting your sales from retailers and wholesalers, you can sell your product or service to online users. This benefit alone pays for the ISP itself.

Finding the Right ISP 

Fast and reliable internet speed is critical for fluid operations online. Keep in mind that advertised speeds on internet plans are not accurate numbers, and most likely slower. Still, look for an ISP that is able to provide internet speeds that are close to the actual numbers. You can do this by using a free internet speed tester found online.

Compare the prices. Avoid hastily picking an ISP just because of the prices. You may end up getting unreliable internet connection with lousy tech support. Moreover, ask if they have special plans or packages for business clients. Business internet service may be more expensive, but they do have better speeds, bandwidth, and security. Look for an ISP that also throws in incentives like free set-top-box, WiFi modem, and optional add-ons like phones and TVs.

Convenience should also be part of the deal. Once you register Streamyx online, you get an AutoPay Subscription feature that makes monthly payments effortless. You should also be able to contact tech support whenever needed. While most internet connections are stable and rarely disconnect, there are still times when the connection is just unreliable. As a business, your sales and profits could suffer drastically because of this instability. With a 24/7 tech support hotline, you’ll be able to get your business immediately operational after it breaks down.


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The Rise of the Halal Industry Across The Globe and How You Can Be a Part of It


More and more consumers worldwide want to know not only what’s in their food, but what’s in the products they use, the clothing they wear, and even how what they buy is made. They’re looking for products and processes that are friendly to the environment, sustainable in the long term, and cruelty-free.

Those are some of the same principles that govern halal products, and the halal industry — now estimated to be worth more than US$1 trillion — is set to provide a larger and larger portion of goods to Muslims and non=Muslims alike.

Here are a few ways you can get involved in this burgeoning industry:


Halal food is the largest part of the industry today, but businesses as different as finance, apparel, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and even tourism are beginning to use halal principles.

These businesses need suppliers who can provide halal-certified materials and ingredients, workers who understand halal ideals, and people and businesses who can market and sell the products.

There is already a great halal directory of compliant businesses. This will only grow as the industry expands.


Manufacturing is equally important, and industry leaders and Islamic scholars see the need for halal processes throughout the supply chain. Halal concerns with transportation, handling, and ingredients exist in every part of manufacturing.

For example, many international brands now label foods that have been produced in plants or on machinery that have been used for known allergens such as peanuts or soy. There may be a need for similar labeling on halal products — and for people and businesses who can provide solutions.

Certification and standards

With expanding industry comes an expanded need for people to inspect businesses and manufacturing plants for adherence to halal standards. As the number of manufacturers of halal goods rises, so will the number of people necessary to make sure those goods can be certified as halal.

Academia and education

The industry needs workers educated in halal principles, so there’s an additional need for halal specialists who can teach the next generation of workers. In addition, there will also be a need for Islamic scholars to oversee some halal procedures, especially in food preparation.

Muslims already make up about a quarter of the world’s population — about 1.6 billion people. That figure is predicted to continue to rise. As it does, more and more people will demand halal-certified goods.

For more information about the challenges and opportunities of this industry as well as information on the next world summit, join our online Halal hub.

Right now, the world halal hub is centered in Malaysia. Since it began certifying products in 1974, Malaysia has become a leader in marketing and standardizing halal products for consumers worldwide. It released the first halal standards in 2000 and has become home to the annual World Halal Summit and Malaysian International Halal Showcase (MIHAS).

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