Valuable Tips on how to Start an Admirable Watch Collection

Watches aren’t only exceptionally handy to the typical busy American man but they also make a very bold fashion statement. Just as some women have their own taste when it comes to stunning jewelry that grabs attention or fashionably matches their attire, men have the ability to make bold statements with flashy luxury watches. If you’re wanting to make the best impression and show off your sophisticated side when you go out, nice attire with a fitting luxurious watch would certainly do the trick. In order to be able to compliment your attire and high class personality to the maximum, you should consider starting a luxury watch collection. A nice watch collection is something any man of class should feel proud of, and with one, you’ll never be left with a dilemma of not being able to find the perfect one to match your attire. When always having the right watch on hand, dressing up in style and walking out your door has never been easier. Rather you can afford to buy the most expenses luxurious watches available or have a limited budget, with the varying prices of nice watches, nearly anyone can start a really nice watch collection. Here are some great tips on how to get started creating an admirable watch collection:

Do your Research

If you’re looking to invest in a watch for your collection, be sure to do your research first and make sure it’s worthy of being added to your collection. Research ample different luxury watch brands because the varieties are endless. Look into different styles, functions and look around at different retailers before buying. Depending on the watch model and type, prices can vary greatly. Once you’ve done your thorough research, you’ll see what options are available and learn what type of luxury watches you’re personally drawn to and can afford. Remember, you don’t have to buy them all at once. Actually, looking forward to adding new watches to your collection one by one is where a lot of the fun lies in collecting.

Research ample different luxury watch brands

Examine your Personal Style

There are silver watches, gold watches, watches with leather straps and many more styles than greatly differentiate from one another. There is both a new modern style of watches and an old fashioned vintage style of watches. The difference can either be an asset to your attire or detrimental to the fashion statement you’re trying to make. Before starting your watch collection, examine your own personal style and how you generally dress. You’ll want to incorporate that same fashion into your watch collecting trends for a successful collection and an overall well put together sophisticated look.

Authenticy and Storage

The authenticy of your watch is very important. You want to make sure you’re getting what you paid for. Know the signs of an authentic watch and research which luxury watch brands have been in business and at the top the longest. Confirm all claims before buying a watch and check out their authenticy and condition. You’ll want to collect watches that are in mint or near-mint conditions for your watch collection. Speaking of watch conditions, storing is very important when it comes to the lifespan and condition of your watch collection. Be sure to store you watches in a safe dry place when you’re not wearing them. Also, be sure to maintain them properly when you wear them such as keeping them in a clean state and replacing batteries when necessary to keep them functioning well.

Watch collecting can be a very fun, personal and stylish hobby to begin and can very easily turn into a passion. Watches are a part of our personal life from the get-go as many people receive one for graduation, anniversaries or a birthday. Why not finally start an impressively nice collection and turn these luxurious handy pieces of technology into impressive fashion statements that complement?

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Best Pinterest Account for Fashionable Muslim Fashion

Muslim fashion is quite unique in many ways. It is distinct and extraordinary. Muslimah fashion can be found on some of the best pinterest sites that will provide many muslin fashion options. Muslim dresses are stunning in every way. These dresses are like no others. They are stylish and offer a unique flare. You will discover some the best Islamic-clothing on the best Muslim Fashion Pinterest sites. Browsing through these sites will enable you to discover numerous images of Islamic clothing. The visual choices will give you a clear and simple view of the overall Muslim fashion.

clear picture of the Muslimah fashion

The Top Pinterest Muslim Fashion Sites

The following pinterest sites are some of the very best around. They will provide superior visual images that show a clear picture of the Muslimah fashion of in every way. These include the following:
*; you will enjoy the creativity that has been added to this pinterest account. You will feel comfortable browsing through while you enjoy the Muslim styles. Inspiration will shine through in these images in every way.
*…/the-beauty-of-hijab-symply-muslim-dress; You will discover some modest fashion apparel. This will include patterns, Hijab fashion, and you will discover that there is many more Muslin fashion options to explore.
*; this will allow you to fully explore many Muslim fashion images. You will have the opportunity to view Hijab fashion with the glorious images that will enable you to visually experience this style of fashion in every way
*; this is a board that will show off images and photos of Muslim girls that are simple yet highly fashionable in style. The picture will tell all about the Muslim fashion.

These are a sample of some of the top and best pinterest accounts that provide clear visual images for the extraordinary Muslim fashion that is available for your viewing.

Pinterest Accounts for Fashionable Muslim Fashion

You have an open invitation to fully explore and browse through these wonderful pinterest accounts and discover all that Muslim fashion will offer. You will find superiors styles that reflect the beauty of the Muslim culture. These top bookmarking tools will ensure that you will get the complete experience. Your invitation to browse through the best pinterest accounts is always open to everyone.

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Ten Tips to Enhancing Skin Cleanliness

Daily skin care can be vital to our health and our appearance. Many are often self-conscious about how well their skin is maintained. Well there are ten steps to maintaining skin care:

1) Resist urge to touch face:

It is very important to not constantly touch your face despite the constant urge. There are a lot of oils on our hands that cause acne when rubbed together. Acne can become irritated if picked at multiple times.

2) Determine skin type:


Just like finger prints, everyone has a different skin type. Some have dry skin, others have more oily skin, and then there is regular skin. Also for those that have sensitive skin, it is best to pay attention to what products your skin reacts best with. The goal is to find a product that offers the best results for you. If you have acne-prone skin, Bliv Malaysia products are known to banish blemishes.

pimples3) Never pick at pimples:

While this is very tempting, it only makes it force. The pimples will get bigger when picking up more oils and sometimes even cause scarring if messed with too much.



4) Buy a moisturizer:

A moisturizer is a great tool to use and is quite affordable. It is best to invest in ones for sensitive skin in order to prevent roughness or pain. Just simply wash your face twice a day with the pads or soap like solution. If you are a teenager, it is best to do two or more. Try the snail white cream moisturizer.

5) Clean face:

Just like moisturizer, it is best to clean the face at least twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. You can even do it in the shower. It is important to wash your hands before cleaning the face to avoid more contact with oils.

toner6) Apply some toner:

After cleaning the face it is a good idea to tone the face to restore PH levels. Simply apply a small amount of toner on a cotton ball and rub that all over the face. That will suffice. Also do not rinse it off right away as that is just a waste.



7) Hydrate the face:

The cleanser tools will most likely dry the face out, so it is best to put a hydrating solution on the face afterwords. This can include lotion or other moisturizers.

8) Exfoliate the dry skin:

The skin on your face constantly becomes old and becomes dull. It is best to clean the dead skin cells of the face at least one a week if not more. Just simply use an exfoliate solution and a wet cloth.

9) Apply face masks on a regular schedule:facial

Face masks that are peel off provide rich nutrients and moisturizer to the skin. It should only be left on for 15 minutes. Use Annie’s Way Mask for great hydration.

10) Stick to routine:

The most important part is sticking to the routine. If you don’t stick to a routine then the acne will just grow back.

happy face

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The Ever Expanding Plastic Container

storageNo matter who you are, you cannot deny the modern need for
storage space. Lately life has thrown many great
advances our way. However, it has also given us a lot more stuff because of it. This stuff accumulates in our homes and clutters our lives.

Whether you are very neat, or a little lose on domestics, we all need extra space. Yet, it is often very difficult to get the extra storage space that we need. Therefore, it is important to make the best of the space that we do have. More efficient use of space is not only helpful with an excess of things. It is also nearly indispensable for organizing modern life. Due to the increase complexity of our lives, it has become all the more important to keep things organized.

storage-bin-containersThere are many techniques, products, and ideas that help address this issue. However, plastic containers are probably one of the best. These containers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations. Each one is tailored to a specific need and almost no two are the same. For instance, there are stackable storage units that can be specified for any height, or capacity, that a person needs. There are also plastic containers that can fit in any space in your home. A popular variety of these containers are those that fit under the bed. The short height, and extending width, make these containers perfect for storing things safely and out of sight. There are also ways to help organize and identify the contents of the containers without opening them.

Some containers have special reusable, or permanent, labels. Other containers are made of clear material, allowing for a view of what is inside. Utilizing these containers for storage is a great solution to a cluttered and disorganized life. The many uses of such containers go far beyond storage. Although storage is the traditional use of a plastic container, it has been proven useful in other areas.


A savvy user can find a multitude of uses for such a container. Outdoor enthusiast have found them useful for storing and transporting food while camping. They also have doubled their use as improvised bathtubs, sinks, and trash containers. Their use as trash containers are perhaps the most unique for campers. They create an air tight environment that protects food trash from scavenging animals, and bears. Also, these containers are extremely durable and reusable. Something that appeals to environmental conscience outdoors persons.
The use of plastic containers have become as inseparable to modern life as cell phones. They help to create organization, and more efficiently utilize limited space. Yet, people continue to find new and innovative uses for them. This only illustrates the message of their universal application potential. Whether you need more space in your new apartment, or you need a reusable camping tool, these containers are the obvious choice. It will certainly be interesting to see where their use will expand to in the coming future of their use.


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Dissolve a Hangover Fast With These Nutrient Rich Remedies

pg-hangover-remedies-01-fullNearly everyone has experienced a fun night out transform into a dreadful hangover the next day. While there is no definite cure for a hangover, these remedies go a long way to help ease the pain and speed up recovery time.
Replenish Electrolytes

Excessive alcohol consumption causes dehydration and diminishes the amount of electrolytes in the body. Drinking plenty of water, cocoremenut water or sports drinks helps re-hydrate the body and replenishes electrolytes.
Sip Broth

Sipping a cup of warm broth is hydrating and restores sodium. Soups, such as chicken noodle and miso soup are also good options. Along with the hydrating effect and sodium, some find that the warm soup soothes the stomach.

Eat Eggs and Potassium Rich Foods

Eggs contain cysteine, which helps dissolve and eliminate toxins from the body. Eat eggs for breakfast, along with bananas or potatoes, as these replenish potassium levels in the body.
Munch on Bland Foods

Although many people claim that eating greasy food helps cure hangovers, these foods can irritate the stomach and intestines. It is best to eat bland foods, such as rice, toast and crackers. These foods are easy on the stomach and help restore vital nutrients that are lost while drinking alcohol.
Consume Fructose

The fructose found in fruit, all natural fruit juices and honey helps the body burn off the toxins from alcohol quicker. Drink 100 percent fruit juice, eat whole fruits or natural honey to aid the body in the detoxification process.

ginger tea on a brown background
ginger tea on a brown background

Restore Vitamin C and Soothe With Ginger

Many vitamins, including Vitamin C, are lost when drinking too much alcohol. Consume foods and beverages high in vitamin C, such as tomato soup, tomato juice, oranges and orange juice. Ginger is touted as a natural remedy for an upset stomach. Drinking ginger tea can help reduce nausea and soothe an irritated stomach.

Proper nutrition and sufficient sleep allow the body to recover and eliminate accumulated toxins from the alcohol. The next time a night of fun turns into a morning of misery, check out these hangover remedies and be sure to get plenty of rest.

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A Noob’s Guide To Blade and Soul

As Blade & Soul is set to open its servers to North America later this year, a new wave of players is expected to flood the virtual atmosphere. However, if you have any hopes of going head to head with more experienced players, you should learn the basics as soon as possible to avoid looking like a total noob.


What is Blade & Soul?

Blade and Soul is an action massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Team Bloodlust. Players are immersed in an open-world environment with a play style inspired from a combination of ancient and modern martial arts practices. Players and their characters explore the world while completing quests, which can be acquired from NPCs scattered across the world.

Blade and Soul uses real-time combat in third-person aerial view. Players engage mobs(PvE) and human-controlled characters(PvP) by hitting a series of attacks or “combos”. A “Downed” mechanic has also been introduced by the game’s engineers to allow players to recover just as they are about to die, allowing for some really interesting PvE and PvP outcomes.


Playable Characters

Every MMORPG is expected to deliver a good customization system, specifically for playable characters. Customizations that a player has control of include the hair style, facial type, eye and skin color, and body types. There are 4 available races you can choose from in Blade & Soul including The Gon, The Jin The Kun, and the Lyn. These races are based on the 4 benevolent animal kings in Chinese mythology.

Your chosen character race will predominantly dictate which class you can progress as later in the game. There are 6 different classes in the game – Blade Master, Destroyer, Assassin, Kung Fu Master, Force Master, and Summoner. Each class has their own special abilities that make them important in team fights and boss hunts. For instance, Force Masters deal the heaviest AOE damage in the game, making them a must-have for dungeon quests. Unfortunately, in a PvP setting, their low HP, armor, and evasion make them easy targets for more tankier and stealthier classes like Kung Fu Masters and Assassins.


Getting a Good Start

For serious gamers who wish to start their adventure the right way, there are tons of things you will have to dive into to be a master of Blade & Soul. For instance, being familiar with basic Mandarin will make it easier for you to understand what NPCs are trying to communicate or what other Chinese players in your party are saying.

In addition to having a solid foundation in Mandarin, you can also purchase in-game credit through The website also sell other types of credit like iTunes gift cards. Having in-game credit will give you access to exclusive items and in-game VIP services, such as free levels, booster packs, premium points, character titles, mounts, pets, etc.

These basic guidelines are only the tip of the iceberg. If you wish to become a master of Blade & Soul, you’ll have to spend hours perusing through in-depth guides and extensive video tutorials. Overall, Blade & Soul is a fun, exhilarating MMORPG all ages can enjoy.

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How Waterproof Is Your Luxury Watch?

Luxury watches on the market today are not as waterproof as you believe they are. These watches are beautiful, and something like a Tag Heuer watch will make you look amazing, but the watch you purchase may not be as waterproof as you once thought. A nice watch will protect itself from water up to a certain point, and a damaged wated is no longer impervious to water. This article explains the level of waterproofing that is provided in each luxury watch on the market.

Tag Heuer watch will make you look amazing

#1: How Far Will They Go?

The luxury watches on the market today will dive up to around 600 feet before they are no longer waterproof. The watches are impervious to light pressure under the ocean surface, but each watch could fail when it gets close to the 600 foot mark. You must be careful with your watch, and you need to read the owner’s manual for the watch before heading into the water. It is possible that your watch will only dive to about 300 feet, and you could ruin your watch with an incorrect assumption.

#2: Waterproof Does Not Mean Invincible

The waterproof watch you invested so much money in must not be used as if it can be torn apart and put back together. The finest watches in the world will hold up for decades under normal wear and tear, but even an amazing watch that was produced by a master craftsman will not stand up to the immense punishment that you are dishing out when you are not very careful. Wear your watch like a prize, and you will avoid problems with your watch that can be avoided.

#3: Dousing With Fluid

Your watch is impervious to water up to a certain depth, but your watch may not be able to handle the fluids that are spilled on it accidentally. Sodas have a bit of acid that could eat away at protective parts of the casing, and there are fluids will simply release the face from the frame. You must be as careful with your watch as you can be, and you need to clean up your watch any time it gets dirty.

#4: Impact Damage

The impact damage to your luxury watch could alter the waterproof qualities of the watch. The watch was not meant to be banged on a table, dropped or thrown into a bowl with your keys. You have to treat your watch well, and you need to have your watch looked after once a year to ensure its safety. Your waterproof watch will last forever, but you must put in the work to ensure it will work. Do not assume the watch will work perfectly forever.

Waterproof luxury watches will make you look amazing, but you must take care of the watch you own. Do not dive with your watch below the recommended depth in the owner’s manual, and bring your watch to a jeweler every year for a tune-up. You can maintain a nice watch to ensure it will stay waterproof for quite some time.

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Why Body Shaming is the New Unhealthy

For women, their body is often an integral part of how well they feel about themselves and how the outside world perceives them. After a recent obesity epidemic that has caused diabetes and other health issues in many individuals, it has caused more people to become aware of their nutrition and fitness on a daily basis. Health experts have urged both children and adults to make healthier choices and cut out processed foods to slim down. Although more people are embracing fit and clean lifestyles, body shaming has begun to become the new unhealthy. Unfortunately, body shaming is only increasing in severity due to the media’s influence and due to social media websites.


Believe yourself, Colorful words on blackboard.
Believe in  yourself


Body Shaming Destroys Self-Confidence

Body shaming influences society as a whole to critique each other’s looks and become more judgmental to an unhealthy degree. It ultimately destroys self-confidence and causes a person’s weight to determine how good they feel about themselves. It can create a negative environment and even cause many people to suffer from depression and insecurity issues. Instead of working towards global problems, the society focuses it’s attention on achieving an unnatural body image that is often unattainable.


An Obsession with Looks

Instead of focusing on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, many people are more concerned with the outside appearance instead of a person’s overall well-being. This has caused our society to become obsessed with looks instead of an individual’s intelligence, talents, and achievements due to plastic surgery ads and the media, according to By focusing on the external, it can cause many people to become narcissistic and spend more time perfecting their looks rather than feeling good about themselves. Instead of putting time and energy into food nutrition or staying active, the focus has shifted to trying to slim down to 110 pounds.

healthy lifestyle,

The Negativity Destroys Trust

Ultimately, body shaming can make it difficult for victims to allow themselves to trust the outside world and form new relationships. Instead of having a positive mindset on new people they meet, it can make them skeptical of people’s intentions and cause them to become secluded because they don’t want to be judged. This can make it difficult to have a desire to contribute to society and help other individuals. In many cases, it can also cause individuals to fail in both their personal and professional life due to a lack of esteem with a positive view of those around them.


Shaming Leads to Eating Disorders

The more a person’s body is analyzed and critiqued, the more they are often willing to go to new lengths to achieve the perfect weight. For some people, body shaming can lead to anorexia or bulimia in an attempt to look perfect. Instead of having a healthy relationship with food, it can destroy a person’s mental state and distort their view of proper nutrition. According to, many people take pride in fitting into a size XXS, but this can create unhealthy expectations that are unrealisitic.

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How To Stop Hair Loss

Hair Loss



Hair loss is a condition that affects millions of men every year. There are many people in Singapore that want to receive treatment for their hair loss. However, many people do not know what to do in their situation to help fight the condition. The good news is that there is a great hair loss center in the heart of Singapore that has been able to help thousands of customers over the years with their hair loss issues. Here are several ways that people can stop hair loss naturally in their life.


Eat Healthy

When asking how to stop hair loss, the more important question should be around the eating habits of the individual struggling with hair loss. There are many people that attempt to put different treatments in their hair but are eating in an unhealthy way. Anyone that wants to stop hair loss in their body needs to start eating healthy first. There are many different centers in Singapore for hair loss treatment. However, ours is the only center that will concentrate on all areas of hair loss starting from the inside and going out.


Castor Oil For Hair Loss


Special Lotions

There are many different lotions in Singapore that can purchased by people attempting to stop the spread of hair loss. One of the most common treatments is castor oil for hair growth in men. This can be used every single day, and there are many studies that show this castor oil has many benefits to naturally growing hair in the body. Anyone that is looking to increase their natural rate of hair growth should consider using this in their situation. Although there are many other special lotions that can be used, castor oil for hair growth is still one of the most effective ways of promoting hair growth.


How to Prevent Hair Loss and Have Beautiful Hair


Reduce Stress

Another important lifestyle factor to look at for reducing hair loss is stress. There are many studies that show stress can cause a huge decrease in hair production in men over the course of their life. If you are a man struggling with hair loss, it is recommended that you reduce stress in your life as much as possible. It will be difficult for many people who struggle with hair loss to grow hair back if they are in a constant state of being stressed out with the circumstances of their life. Take some steps on the front end to reduce stress and work to naturally grow hair on your body.


Final Thoughts

There are thousands of people in Singapore that struggle with hair loss. There are many different ways to stop hair loss naturally in many people. Always concentrate on your lifestyle first, and then work to find products that can grow hair back over the long term. Make sure you are eating a healthy diet and are reducing stress any way that you can. There are many people that have seen long term benefits in hair loss by taking these simple steps.

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Finding Halal Food Isn’t Easy: Here Are Resources to Help You


According to newly released figures, Muslim population around the world has hit 23.2% that is almost a quarter of the entire world’s population. The figures released further indicate that this population is majorly comprised of younger people. This can be attributed to improved maternal care in Muslim populated countries such as Middle East, Pakistan, Indonesia, India and others. The increase in population has therefore necessitated that food manufacturers put stringent measures that conform to the Islamic law. This led to the adoption of Halal principals in the food manufacturing sector.

Halal food is a term that is used to describe food that is permissible by Islamic Law. It is mostly used in reference to food and drinks that are allowed under Islamic Law as defined by the Holy Koran. The Holy book has laid down instructions that specify what kind of food can be consumed by Islam as well as the methods that are to be used in its preparation. The instructions mostly address meat and meat products and animal tissue.


Halal certification has been a topic of concern considering the increase population, higher disposable incomes as well as increased awareness and demand among the Muslim population. Halal certified foods are also difficult to find considering that majority of the Muslim population live in non-Muslim areas where Halal certified foods are hard to find. The foods from such areas could also be questionable.


Although there is increased awareness about halal certification, there is still a wide gap of knowledge that needs filling. Zilzarlife halal food blog has been at the forefront in ensuring that Muslims all over the world are inspired and equipped with the right knowledge about the foods they consume. Zilzarlife life blog keeps it reader abreast with the latest recipes and methods for making foods and beverages that are permissible under Islamic Law. Apart from being equipped with halal certification knowledge, you get to learn about the Muslim fashion world; travel and Inspiration quote from Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world.


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