How to Preserve the Grandeur of Your Wooden Furniture

Malaysia is a tropical country that is abundant in trees. Trees that are converted to lumber are a good source of materials for furniture, especially for luxury fixtures. Buying and storing them are quite easy however, maintaining the quality of good lumber furniture is very challenging. Some furniture owners waste perfectly crafted wood furniture simply because they don’t know how to take care of it.

Here are some useful tips that can help you keep your wood furniture in Malaysia in good shape for a long time:


Check for cracks.

66b062002a7aefea5f6f2baee6990a86Humidity is the cause of wood weakness. Some cracks appear where you can easily see it and some appear on places on unexpected places. If you leave good wooden furniture with plenty of cracks, its lifespan could be compromised because moisture could easily penetrate it.



Avoid exposing furniture in open spaces for too long.

If you have placed wooden furniture in an open space, the chances of degrading it are very high. Leaving wooden furniture in direct sunlight and rain will weaken it in the long run. Move the furniture that has direct contact with sunlight. If your furniture is near the window, place a curtain or blinds to regulate the amount of natural light that touches it.


Do not refinish your furniture.

24ae110fdf6f3757e13cf047d41ce0f6This might be a good idea especially if the furniture in question is a little old and having discoloration. Hastily refinishing it might do more damage to it. Perhaps a good cleaning will restore its old magnificence therefore saving you energy, money, and time.





Avoid placing metallic objects directly on the surface of your wooden furniture.

This can lead to scratches that can deface your luxury furniture and lower its value. If you can’t help it, use a cloth or rubber mat underneath the metal furniture or display. If you smoke cigarettes, do not place your ash tray over your furniture because it can be easily stained. Also, avoid sticking candles on your wooden fixtures as wood is a good fuel source for fire.


Have a professional pest control team protect your wooden assets.

20160531081530-pest-control-professional-spraying-inside-homejpgTermites are attracted to wood and they can enter your home undetected. If they remain unchecked, they can eat away your precious luxury wooden furniture. A team of pest control professionals can also tell you which parts of your home are in imminent danger of being taken over by termites and other insects that thrive on wood.



Protecting your wood furniture in Malaysia against natural elements and other instances that could damage or lessen its value is very important. Once you see discoloration and disfigurement in your luxury furniture, do not hesitate to seek professional help immediately. This is to ensure that you could prevent or minimize the damage done by unforeseen circumstances such as accidents.


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How to Treat Cellulite at Home


Everyone is familiar with cellulite. Most of us have seen it, experienced it, tried to hide it, and some have even purchased various skin care products to try to treat it. Yet despite how common this problem is, there is little scientific consensus and what it is exactly that causes cellulite. Its dimpled appearance can, according to Wellness Mama, be explained by imbalances in the body’s connective tissue and fat, but there is no clear answer as to these imbalances are caused by. And despite popular belief, this problem is not exclusive to overweight women, meaning a variety of factors are likely at play here.

But one thing we can all agree on is that cellulite is a major source of insecurity for everybody, including men. If you want to get rid of cellulite but you don’t want to break the bank on pricy cellulite-treatment products — or if you just prefer a more natural, DIY approach — there are plenty of at-home body care options for you to consider!
1. Coffee Scrub 
Massaging and exfoliating with coffee stimulates blood circulation, therefore helping reduce the appearance of cellulite, and the caffeine in the coffee helps tighten the skin. Simply mix coffee grounds with hot water while in the shower and massage into skin for 10 minutes 2-3 times a week. Results should begin to show in about 2-4 weeks.
2. Lemon Juice & Cayenne Pepper 
This is a popular combination of ingredients in many DIY skin care/detox formulas. Drink a mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and water and drink 3 times daily. Many report, according to The Huffington Post, seeing a significant reduction in cellulite after about a month, and feeling an overall positive effect on their healthy overall.
3. Juniper & Olive Oil 
Self-massage, particularly when coupled with certain combinations of key ingredients, has proved effective in treating cellulite. Combine juniper oil with olive oil and massage into the affected and surrounding areas daily, ideally before getting in the shower. Results should become evident in about 4 weeks. In addition to reducing cellulite, this treatment can result in generally softer and firmer skin.
4. Dry Brush & Coconut Oil 
There is a lot of anecdotal evidence supporting the efficacy of this treatment, with some even claiming that it works better than the best cellulite creams available on the market. Rub coconut oil on the affected areas and then use a dry brush to massage the oil into the skin. Perform 1-2 times daily. You should notice results within a month.


These are just some of the many effective and wallet-friendly ways to treat cellulite from the comforts of your own home. And best of all of the treatments have the additional benefit of improving your skin in other ways (such as exfoliating, moisturizing and strengthening). Because what matters most is being able to feel comfortable and healthy in your own body! (But it doesn’t hurt to be able to show off some cellulite-free thighs, either.)


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How to Choose the Perfect Cycling Shoes in Malaysia



Anyone who’s madly in love with cycling will certainly need a good pair of cycling shoes. Whether it is for riding long distances, sporting, or only for a casual ride, you have to have a pair of comfortable shoes to help you pedal even through the roughest roads ahead. When purchasing cycling shoes in Malaysia, there are some considerations you need to think about first before deciding to empty your wallet.


Road Shoes vs MTB Shoes

There are basic differences between these two pairs of cycling shoes. Road shoes have smooth soles and three-bolt cleats while the MTB or mountain bike shoes have rubber soles and two-bolt cleats. The shoes that you buy will greatly determine the type of ride that you are going to have. However, if you are going to ride on mixed road, meaning you are going to ride on both smooth and rough road, the best shoes to use in this situation are the MTB shoes.


Here are some other things that you need to know about cycling shoes before purchasing one:


  • Soles. If you are a beginner or a less experienced rider, the best soles for your feet are those that are made of plastic. This is great because no energy is lost while putting the pedal down. However, as you improve or become experienced, you will need to transition to a stiffer sole. Stiffer soles are generally made of carbon fiber as it absorbs more energy.


  • Build. In order to significantly reduce weight, expensive shoes use complex techniques to connect different parts of the cycling shoes together. Look for shoes that are closely sewn together or have tighter seams in order to ensure prolonged use even in the toughest road conditions in Malaysia.


  • Heat molding. Cycling shoes these days have become increasingly customized using heat molding. The idea behind this is so that you can fit the shoe and the inner sole to your feet in order to perfectly support your arch.


  • Budget. They say that the more expensive it is, the better the performance. However, this isn’t always the case. You can try to find great deals in cycling shops all over the country. If you are going to buy cycling shoes in Malaysia, make sure that you find ones with discounts. It also pays to wait for a clearance sale in order to save money.


Before paying for the cycling shoes, make sure that you try it first to determine if your feet are comfortable inside it. Remember that fit and comfort are more important than weight. If brand names don’t matter to you, try those that you think will provide maximum comfort and flexibility to your feet. One great tip: do your cycling shoes shopping in the afternoon because feet expand a little during day time. Enjoy your shoe shopping!


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Tips to Finding The Best Sabah Cuisine

Your search for a good restaurant in Kota Kinabalu is a good pursuit because you are looking for the best of the Sabah cuisine that you will enjoy. There is so much that you can partake in when you come to the area, and you need to set yourself up for something that will make it a lot more fun for you to make your trip. Food is one of the things that makes all your trips the most fun, and you need to be sure that you have planned ahead to find a place that will be most exciting for you. Every trip you take should be something that makes you happy, and the food will be some of the best memories you will ever have.

Best Sabah Cuisine
The first thing you need to remember is that you can come to a place like this to find good food, bur you still have to pick all the best restaurants where you will have a good time. Someone who wants to find good food needs to have a look at places that are owned by families, but there are also places that are in hotels or on the roadside where you will see the same company own a few of the same restaurant. Everyone’s take on the cuisine is different, and you will need to try all of them if you want to have a good time enjoying the food of the area. Someone who is not trying everything will miss out on something good.

There are people who will want to have certain proteins with their food, and you will find restaurants that offer different proteins based on their location. You will find places with amazing beef, or you might find places with amazing pork or fish. Trying the menus that you think match the best with your tastes, and go around to all the different places that seem like the most fun to you. Someone who is trying to get the best results from their trips will find a lot of that in the local eateries.

Best Sabah Cuisine tips
You need to find places that you will want to come back to, and it will help you to kind of take a tour of the area that will show you all the different places where you might want to go. Someone who wants to have better food will get a good walking tour of the area, and you will meet a lot of nice people a long the way. There is no other way for you to find good food, and you need to be sure to check on all your options before you continue with your trip.

You will find a lot of good food to enjoy when you are on your next trip, and you really need to give some thought to how much time you want to commit to food. It will be a great memory for you, and you need to make sure that you are planned and ready.


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Interior Design Tips to Select Wooden Flooring Grains

Putting together an altogether elegant and sophisticated decor requires more than a unique sofa L shape and artwork no one can identify without a gallery catalogue. You must above all consider the person or persons who will be living in the domicile, or if a workplace, then the work product and persons creating it must be exemplified in your creation of the designer decor of their studio.

Let Your Design Identify the Owner
Most women automatically imbue their bedroom areas with their personality by use of fabric or color shading preferences, but mistakenly strive to make the living area an example of neutrality for gender, background or even age of inhabitants. The living area above all others should embrace the members in residence, and exude their talents, interests and appreciations of textures, brightness or subtlety of lighting in the living area being designed.

Tips for Flooring Interior Design

teak-wood-dealers-500x500Bamboo and Teak Woods
Flooring manufacturers do not grade and sort various pieces of bamboo or teak flooring for color or feature homogeneity, so you will find variation from plank to plank with them. Some people consider that feature visually interesting, while others dislike the inconsistent look.


walnut-wood-1_galHardwood Woods
As a rule of thumb, you will find the darker woods are the harder in tactile strength. An attractive design of shades of any of the hardwoods such as oak can be selected to visually lighten and enlarge in appearance a room floored with either one solid light grain or a shading of light grains. Darker grains, while making a flooring area visually a bit smaller, will hold a deep gloss finish and provide a more elegant ambiance to the oaken-floored room.


Francis-Apartments-Medallion_Rendering_500Decorative Custom Medallions
Intriguing inlays of wood patterns to form an obelisk or medallion shaped design that is placed into the flooring at intervals will completely transform the area into a custom grained and beautifully designed floor unique to the owner’s tastes and preferences. The medallion shaped inlays can be small, mid-sized or large, and either abstract in design or an actual replica of the owner’s family estate shield to affect an inordinate awareness of the ancestral family bonds. There are areas of the globe wherein the ancestral family line holds extremely high respectability value.


home_04Personal Preferences in Wood Sensations
There is no way to fully identify the reasoning behind a person’s innermost sense of compatibility and fondness for wood grains. Perhaps it is part of man’s most primitive inner being. A businessman visiting in Singapore might select flooring in the exact shade and grain he had purchased in a cherished shoe rack in Malaysia.

Nonetheless, the interior design of our surroundings affects us positively or negatively, according to our senses and their reactions to the surroundings around us. Consulting with experts in interior decorating can present you with an incredible comfort and affinity for the residence designed.


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Maximizing Your Opportunity to Study Law

law student

Law school offers one an opportunity to understand and learn various aspects of the law. The perks that come with being in law school are vast and it is upon an individual taking a law course to maximize on this opportunity. It offers one an opportunity to interact with the brightest minds in this field and gain a lot of mentorship. Getting through law school, is a dream and goal for any law student. Once one completes their law degree and the final admission to the bar are two very important milestones for anyone who has decided to study law.

A law coursegives one an opportunity to experience diversity since law is applicable in almost if not all aspects of our lives. There is need to ensure that one is full prepared for law school so that efforts put in do not end up in futility. Once one has successfully completed their law course, they are equipped with analytical and research skills which are very resourceful if one is planning to pursue a Master’s Degree, Doctorate or PhD. Hence it’s vital that one involves themselves in school work that is basically group work and individual assignments in order to cultivate these skills.

Some of the proven and effective ways of making it through school together with many others are;
Being certain that you want to pursue a law course comes first.

Ensure that you do all the readings for all the relevant units. It is important to know that studying law is quite tedious and doing your reading early enough saves one the hustle of last minute reading.

Since the number of cases that one has to read in school are fairly a lot, it is important to summarize the relevant case law to enhance one’s revision.

Young students studying together
Young students studying together

Taking part in group work is important as through this you learn to work in teams and develop interpersonal skills.

Participating in class is also good as one is able to grasp well what is being taught and achieve a lot from the learning process.

Have a study group. Study groups are exceptional learning tools. It is in a group that you are able to clarify and understand what was taught in class.

Attending school workshops and events is a useful and effective way of creating new partnerships and get mentorship.
Consulting with your lecturers and professors. Through this you will be able to share your opinion and discuss issues if this opportunity was not presented in class.

Creating your own leisure time is important. This helps you ease the pressure and stress that comes with being in law school.


Going through previous examinations is advised. This will help you know how the exams are drafted and thus know how to formulate your answers when doing your final semester examinations.

Focus on giving your very best. Law school can be quite competitive and it matters who puts their best foot forward.

Making long lasting friendships is also a take way from law school.

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Ways to Keep Your Body Trim and Firm


Collagen production and muscle mass both decrease with age, which can lead to sagging and a loss of skin tone. Manyfirming creams claim to be able to arrest or reverse the process, but you need more than topical treatment to keep your body looking firm.
Eating for a Healthier Body 
A diet rich in beneficial nutrients is the foundation of health, including the health of your skin. Foods high in sugar and additives cause premature cell damage, but fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds nourish skin with natural compounds.

Swapping damaging foods for beneficial ones can go a long way toward promoting firm skin. Antioxidants present in brightly coloured fruits and vegetables fight against damage. Many of these foods also contain vitamin C, a nutrient that’s essential for building collagen. Nuts and seeds provide healthy fats and fat-soluble vitamins for added support. The omega-3 content of flax and chia seeds is especially helpful. Protein from beans and legumes rounds out this diet with the protein your body needs to replenish collagen on a regular basis.
The Right Exercise Regimen 
Being “toned” really means having good muscle definition, and this can only be achieved by losing fat while gaining lean muscle. An exercise program that emphasises strength training with heavy weights and a reasonable amount of cardiovascular exercise will move you toward this goal.

Train with weights that allow you to complete at least eight but no more than 12 repetitions of each exercise in a set. Try supersets and circuit workouts with short rest periods to keep your heart rate up and shed extra fat. Focus on compound exercises for the best burn, and you’ll begin to see the tone you’re looking for.
Body Care Products for Firmer Skin 
Using a skin cream with firming ingredients such as CoQ10, grapeseed oil, avocado oil and ellagic acid helps to tone skin from the outside. Avoid products that contain collagen or elastin; the particles are too big to be absorbed by the skin. Instead, focus on collagen building ingredients and follow a regular regimen of and moisturising to prevent damage.


Natural Firming 
In addition to commercial skin creams, there are a number of natural skin treatments that you can use to tone and firm skin:

• Witch hazel, lemon and other natural astringents
Cucumber juice
• Aloe vera
Warm oil massage
• Avocado

These may be applied alone or in combination to create a custom firming cream that benefits your skin without the use of harsh chemicals. Also be sure that you drink enough water every day. Proper hydration keeps skin cells from drying out and promotes a natural balance of moisture.

To achieve your goal of firm skin and a toned, lean body, keep your focus on total wellness. The healthier you are overall, the more vibrant and youthful your skin will appear. A regular skin care routine combined with exercise and a nutrient-dense diet is the best way to maintain the tone you want for life.

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The Only Tips You’ll Need To Start Zumba Today


There are many good ways to fit your cardio into your workout routine. Zumba is not only fun but it’s a great way to get your heart rate up.
If you’re new to Zumba and would like to try it out, there are some things to take into consideration.
Founded during the mid-1990’s, by Alberto “Berto” Parez. He used his dance and choreography skills to infuse latin dance moves and an aerobics class together in one. Zumba includes dance moves such as salsa, samba, hip-hop, and more. Expect for it to include lunges and squats.
Zumba has been created for anyone at any age. So now, whatever your age you can try it at home or in a class. Here are some tips for you to start this fitness craze that has truly taken the world by storm.
The Right Clothing
Just like any form of exercise, Zumba requires comfortable clothing. You’ll want to wear something that is easy to move in and will stay in place. You’ll be moving a lot and you don’t want to wear pants that are too long or a top that constantly needs to be pulled up or down. You’ll want to find dance supporting shoes which would be cross trainers, dance sneakers, or running shoes with a worn out thread. The number one important accessory is water, bring a lot of water.
Before you start a Zumba dance class, you need to stretch and loosen your muscles. Stretching is a vital key to any exercise, but most important when you’re dancing. It reduces your chances of injury and helps you maximize your workout by waking up and lengthening your muscles.
Pick The Right Class
Look into the different Zumba instructors and classes in your area and find the class or instructor that will fit your needs and wants for your first Zumba experience.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - JULY 18:  Giuliana Rancic takes a Zumba Toning class, one of Zumba's new programs that tones and sculpts the entire body while still maintaining the fun fitness-party vibe on July 18, 2012 at the International Dance Academy in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Eric Charbonneau/WireImage)
Make The Most Out Of Your Class
Make sure when you get to your Zumba class to be prepared to work hard. Show up to your first class an hour early to talk to the instructor and tell them you’re new. Take a spot at the front of the class. This may seem terrifying, but you’ll get the best view of the instructor.
Practice Makes Perfect
Zuma has evolved past gyms and into our living rooms by DVD’s and games for your video game consoles. Maybe you’re a little apprehensive to take a Zumba class and want to try it out first, this will be the perfect way to go. You can practice and learn the moves from the comfort of your house and move up to a class. The DVD’s and games are perfect for after you start classes and you want more or feel you need more practice.


Have Fun
This one is kind of stating the obvious but when it comes to any form of exercise people tend to take themselves too seriously. Zumba can be complicated to those who aren’t used to the dance moves. Go back to when you were younger and not so serious and dance those inches away.

You either love Zumba or you hate it. The best way to maximize your Zumba potential and experience is to loosen up and leave your worries at the door and simply have fun with it. Try Zumba today to become the fittest version of yourself.

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Post-Surgery Care for Buttock Injections

Buttock augmentation is used to enhance the volume of the butt and increase its size for a natural shape and appearance. Those who undergo the surgery will be given specific instructions on how to heal and recover in the days and weeks following the procedure. When undergoing butt injections, there are a few important steps to take to ensure that you can resume your daily activities in the coming weeks.

StayHYDRATED_LG_Article_ImageStay Hydrated

In the first week of post-surgery care, it’s important to drink plenty of fluids while taking the antibiotics that you’re prescribed by your surgeon. Consider drinking sports drinks that contain electrolytes, when can refuel the body after liquids are lost. Attempt to drink at least one gallon of water each day to prevent dehydration.

Limit Physical Activity

Although you’re encouraged to walk around in the days following your surgery, it’s important to avoid driving while you’re taking pain medication. This will also prevent you from sitting on your butt while traveling in a vehicle.

You will also be advised to avoid physical exercise in the weeks following the buttock injections to ensure that buttocks heal properly. Your surgeon will advise you on when you’ll be able to resume physical activity after monitoring how well you recover.

Avoid Sitting on Your Butt

As the buttocks heal following the procedure, it’s crucial that you avoid sitting or lying on the butt for three weeks. You’ll need to sleep on your stomach and can only sit on your buttocks when using the toilet. You may be allowed to sleep or lay on your side, which should not affect the buttock area. After the first week, you’ll be permitted to sit up for five minutes each day and in the second week you may be approved to sit for nine minutes each day. Sitting is easier when leaning forward, which will put most of your weight onto your thighs instead of directly on your butt. Your doctor will approve you sitting after a week or two following the buttock augmentation surgery.

You may also be encouraged to schedule a lymphatic massage with a licensed massage therapist, which can allow the buttocks to heal at a faster rate and offer relief for any discomfort that may be experienced. This can also increase the circulation in the targeted area.


Wear Compression Stockings

Your aesthetic doctor in Malaysia will order you to wear TED stockings, which will compress the butt and prevent blood clots from forming as your body begins to heal. The stockings will need to be worn every hour in the days and possibly weeks following the procedure.


42-18357392Monitor Your Health

It’s important to call your doctor immediately if you develop a fever over 101 degrees following the buttock augmentation surgery. You’ll also need medical assistance if you begin to suffer from nausea or vomiting and if any pain in the buttocks is not relieved after taking medication. You should not experience any swelling, bleeding, or drainage on the affected area where the injections were made.


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Travelling Tips to Penang (Malaysia)


Penang is an island placed on the northwest coast of Malaysia. It is one of the best tourist destinations, and this article highlights all the reasons why you should book your next trip to Malaysia.


Penang has a fascinating fusion of modern and cultural traditions evidenced by their buildings in the town. They retain their older structures that are worth visiting and learning about their history. People who love history would enjoy this experience.

The island is blessed with many natural attractions including clean beaches and beautiful trees. You can relax on the beaches and have a very grand time with family or friends. The tropical weather allows you to enjoy swimming in the clean seas. However, it can get scorching hot; hence, you need to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.



The Penang hotel is one of the hotels that you can stay in during your visit to the island. You can make reservations through the Penang hotel’s contact number, and they will surely reserve for you a room of your choice. Their staff is very friendly, and they will serve you with the utmost professionalism. The hotel also has facilities that enable you to hold business meetings and work at the hotel. The free internet and several office suites ensure that you are comfortable working while enjoying the beautiful view of Penang island. The best time to book in is during Penang hotel promotion. They have the best rates at reduced prices.



Penang hosts great restaurants which offer you the best of Penang traditional food and also various foods from all over the world. Their menu has so many delicacies that it will be difficult for you to decide which food to eat. However, their chefs prepare the meals the way you like it especially the traditional foods. Besides, you can order the food, make reservations online prior, and find it ready when you arrive at the joint.

Gurney area

Explore the Gurney in Penang where you get all their traditional ornament at affordable prices. You can purchase these items as a souvenir or as a gift for your loved ones back at home. The gurney has a shopping complex that houses numerous shops that you can buy everything you desire from clothes to shoes and even unique jewellery. The night markets is also a good experience as you watch the place flock with tourists who hope to get a good buy at lower prices. You would not want to miss this opportunity.

Nature Parks


Penang is also home to numerous parks that you can stroll and take walks through the park, and this has a very relaxing feel. The parks are also a habitat for animals such as monkeys, which keep you entertained all through your visit. Parks are beautiful places for picnics with the whole family. Penang National Park is said to be the world’s smallest park, which has good terrain walks and a turtle sanctuary. The place is worth a visit.


Lastly, you can manoeuvre your way through Penang Island using public transport or taxis. Most taxi drivers are friendly, and they will offer to tour guide you at a reasonable fee. Therefore, you will not be stranded during your stay at the island.

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